May 11, 2012

A new giveaway

well, it seems like nobody is interested with the previous giveaway so I think I should just take it off and hold a new giveaway instead, like a normal giveaway. heheh... so yeah, I hope you'll join this one. The prizes are the same:

  • Your favorite artwork from the gallery (5x7 print art - worth $10 each)
  • A set of bookmark, your pick (the designs are the ones in the gallery- worth $7 each)
  • plus a bonus I self-pick for you personally (this one isn't in the shop yet), surprise!

All you have to do is to tell me which one is your favorite design. And if you will, please do tell your friends about this giveaway :) through twitter or facebook or even write about it in your blog post. I'll really appreciate them.

There will be 3 winners so your chance is kinda high! :D I hope you'll be interested in joining :)

Here are some of the designs I figured out people love the most:

I will announce the winner a week from now :)


  1. hello, tiara! :)
    i love all your designs, but mostly i love 'dancing in the wild'.
    i've alrady put giveaway button on my blog and share on my twitter!/dndinda
    wish me luck! :D

  2. Tiara, i don't want to be left out for this giveaway i was missing this out last time soooo i HAVE to participate loll. My favorite art is "Red String Attached" why? because it feels deep and romantic. feels like the girl and the man is connected in any ways thru that design. so i hope i win this time. much looove ;)

  3. Speeddancing! Or Skip the Sky one! gosh your work are so adorable!


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