May 4, 2012

it's one of those times

So you who have been following me and reading this blog shall know that I am pretty much a positive person, sometimes too positive that I look up so high that I find light when nobody else does. It's not a bad thing, I tell you. Well sometimes I feel sad too, and troubled, and... negative, like I'm losing faith in myself, like somehow I doubt myself.

Well, like the title said, it's one of those times.

I somehow feel like I'm losing the real purpose of me blogging, I mean, seriously? I miss the times when I write just for the hell of it, why is it now feels different?

There were times when I just wanted to write and not minding the comments, I just needed to pour my thoughts and feelings and writing made me feel good.

There were times when I wrote things because I wanted to share my world and stories to whoever mind to read my little bloglet, but honestly right now I don't know why I blog anymore.

I don't want to quit blogging, I'm just having this identity kind of crisis, I guess?

Also, since I'm already ranting, I just want to pout all the way and share how troubled I feel lately about my going to Korea this summer. I'm excited about it, and also scared, I feel bad spending so much money (my parents') just so I can go there and get what I want. Is it okay? ;____;

I feel like sulking in the corner and cry.

ps. I think my time of the month is nearing, I'm usually more emotional during these times, heh.


  1. I am in the same mood. I just don't know what to blog or feel the desire too. It's strange cause I even miss it. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. oh wow... summer school in korea?! ahhhh if you ever bump into big bang take a photo with them! SPECIALLY TAEYANG! or else i will never ever forgive you! jk!

    oh and i totally get what you mean about blogging. sometimes, i get so lazy about doing it because i have no motivation to do so. but i feel like i like blogger than any social sites because at least people who comment your blog aren't really people you personally know and they're not quick to judge. so i'm still here. hanging on haha!

    oh and i'm hosting a giveaway here. you're welcome to join :D have a lovely weekend!

  3. I love your blog, great work. follow me and I’ll follow you :) x


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