May 10, 2012

expiration date

Tablo - Expiration Date
Tablo is such a lyric genius, always love his lyrics... no wait, he's a musical genius. I love the way he raps and how his music is just so..♥ and the fact that he's now a part of YG family.. makes the YG stan in me only happier

So you're not familiar with what is YG family? well, here... according to urban dictionary, heheh... - A label company; talent agency in South Korea- which produces the best artists.

YG entertainment is where BIGBANG and 2NE1 belongs to. Such talented people~
Bigbang? You don't know them? I thought I've told y'all about them... let's see...
nothing really, just a bunch of talented guys about my age that had reached so much, with weird hairstyles, like one with blue-mint hair, the other has this seaweed-inspired hair and another one had been having his mohawk since forever so yeah.. I shall not explain, they're just... BOOM SHAKALAKA!

and 2NE1 is just the girl version of this swag, so yeah.. Bigbang is the King and 2NE1 is the queen, that's pretty much it. Well, you shouldn't expect the typical Korean girlband cute style when you click the video below.

Naega Jeil Jal Naga - I am the best. Oh well, I do think they actually are :D
and they're making their US debut this year, in association with Will.I.Am. so I guess you'll be seeing them often in the future. Expect a lot of swag coming your way, heh.
what you don't understand what they're talking about? Neither do I, hahah... But I appreciate the good music :)
... and there goes the original purpose of this post... if any.


  1. i'm so frustrated with tablo! why did he grow his hair! his short one was much sexier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and big bang O___O drool! i think they try too hard on some of their videos though -______- hahaha... nevertheless i still like them :D

  2. TABLO'S MARRIED?! SAY WAHHH NOW?! LOL! I didn't know that. I heard that he's back after a year of absense because someone doubted his harvard degree? that's awful.

    truth be told, i kinda named her after that name. well not really... i was looking up japanese named and haru caught my attention. sooooo i was like hey why not... cus it reminded me of that song! lol

    little tiger sounds like such a cute name!!! gahhhh! do you have photos of your cats?! :D


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