Jan 9, 2010

I’m ready, are you?

I’m so happy and relieved that you guys/girls like my artwork, honestly, this is my first time doing something like this, I mean, showing it off and then giving it away, and plan to sell it, sure I’ve joined like heaps of drawing competition but that was all, and not to mention that happened long long time ago, I already forgot how good it feels like when someone actually appreciates what you make. :)

And apparently tonight I found out that I’m not really meant to be with scissors, and lines, and some sort of those things, lol. however I’m pretty proud of what I’ve made :)

Fourteen (including covers) A6 sized artwork printed in a thick 260 gr ivory paper, each has different paintings on it, all handmade with the help of wacom bamboo, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop and Corel Painter.

I guess you noticed that I changed the design a little, the previous is just too messy, I guess. More so, I've always loved dash line, hehe...

Looking at them several times, I got an idea to make it an agenda instead of solely a calendar by putting some blank paper in between the months , what do you think about it? It’ll be more useful, I think.

And this experience also give me more ideas of what I possibly make next, maybe I should start make my artwork a postcard, that’ll be cute to send a friend with my very own personalized postcard, haha :D

Or maybe I should make some of them a downloadable wallpaper? I mean, for free of course! Guess it’s my narcissist side talking, wouldn’t it feel good to know lots of people use your artwork as their desktop background? I bet it almost feels like a singer hearing their own song on the radio.

I have heaps of creative idea running in my little head, and I can smell the dollars already (lol, what a materialistic girl…)

So I’m ready!

What am I ready for? Well, to announce the winner of my giveaway of course! :D

Anyone here getting thrilled? Heheh… Drum roll, please?

Dun Dun Dun… and the winner is…

Congratulation girl!

I hope I can give every one of you a prize but I know that’s not possible, yet. Just wait, hold on a little longer and later I’ll do it, really. :)

So don't feel bad for those who doesn't win, alright? There'll be next time in the future, I am sure of it :)

ps. My mom woke me up this morning with the "insult of the year", guess what she said? "Look at you, always sleep, wake up late and when you're awake you never do anything or create something useful,"

It's not my fault she's sleeping while I'm actually create something until 3 AM, and she woke me up at 6?.


Lol. this is stupid, I forgot to ask Mariella to send me her address to my email, gah. lol.


  1. hi! i just found your blog and it's adorable. i love it! congrats to the winner of the giveaway! you're a very talented artist!


  2. Yay! I'm so happy. Thanks... Woohoo. n.n
    Now I have a super awesome calendar/agenda!!! ♥

    PS: I had written a super long comment saying a lot of super awesome and ingenious things but the stupid iTouch's signak went away and when I hit post comment it went blank... :|

    Anyway, thanks... REALLY :D

  3. I just found your blog to, very cute.

  4. awwww i was crossing my fingers for them too! it's mmkay! i appreciate your artwork very much tiara! :D

    also, i would just like to say, your mommy is funny. i get that all the time from my grandpa. not only does he prank call me but he bombards me with insults. oh parents.

    also, thank you for the comment :] im still on facebook, even though i said i wouldn't :P

    like my status right now is "do you actually laugh out loud when you type "lol"'?

  5. Congrats to Mariella!

    My mom constantly nags me to get into a good school and get a good paying job. Grrr. Asians and their high hopes.

  6. Dear Little Tiara, I was so disappointed I didn't win, LOL. But coming from someone who's already a mom, don't worry about what your mom said. She's just there to remind you of harsh realities.

    But what you create is useful... Art is useful... It feeds the soul. So don't ever stop. Hugs!

  7. Your artwork is great and I really hope you can create more and work towards making some calenders and other items.
    I love the idea of an agenda. I like having calenders they keep me so organised. x

  8. tiara your artwork is amazing

    i am not even complimenting you when i say this. its the truth. they are so beautiful and i will DEFINITELY use one as a wallpaper!!!!

    on all my computers... at work.. at home... at school... all of them

  9. Congratulations to Mariella! :)

    I am so excited and happy for you Tiara, you go girl! :)

    (And I hope you have another giveaway, and I hope I win haha!) Kidding. Not really. LOL :D

  10. i know this is a bit too much to
    ask for, but i recently changed my
    url from abbyquijano.com to
    abbyintrouble.blogspot.com and i was
    wondering if you can give me a favor
    and stop following and then follow
    again with that url. it's one of the
    reasons why you're not getting any
    updates from me anymore.

    thank you so much :]

    loves, abby

  11. oww it's not me D:
    but if you make a wallpaper i will DEFINITELY use it! keep it up little miss tiara, i love your artwork!

  12. TIARAAAA!!Look at you little miss artsyfartsy! i love it all! can't wait for your next giveaway! :)have a great week <3

  13. thank you for the comment tiara! you're awesome!

    and the slow dancing picture that you made was cute. i think it was a red one right? i totally saved that and made it my ipod wallpaper last time! i was so in love with you work! lol. when i get a house.. im gonna hire you to paint me paintings just like the ones you're making now and im gonna hang them around my house !

    hopefully im still in touch with you through blogger! *fingers crossed*

    and asian parents are unreasonable sometimes. i hope we won't be as crazy as them. ill still be strict though. lol

  14. sooo jealous! id buy a calendar. i wanted to win it so bad! and as far as your mom goes- they only understand so much- go open up an etsy shop and show her that you create beauty!!

  15. I am really, really impressed with your work! Those are so extremely pretty!! I love them. Yay to the winner!! :P I'm sorry about your mom. But what does she know, eh? ;)


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