Jan 13, 2010

So it’s official

In few minutes, I’ll be off to sleep.

Hours after that, I’ll wake up, take a bath, and go to uni

Then the research/project will start.



I’m feeling soooo much better now :) thanks to your comments, heaps of sugar and some cute new songs, ah… I’ve prepared myself now. I’ve even asked my friend to bring as many entertainment as possible. And he answered, “no worries, I have 20 films ready to watch in my laptop”, that is my friend! Hahaha…

Only one thing missing, though. CAMERA! My mom is going to use mine so she snatched it away from me –and because I’ll be away for a month, apparently my mom is a cam whore, I am nothing compared to her, really. And my friend’s was kidnapped by his brother, and so we left with no camera.

That won’t do, though. I’ve borrowed from my friend.

There is no way I can spend a month without camera to memorize everything that happened.

And by the way, I’m feeling quite productive today, I finished reading some “stories” for my thesis and also managed to make the February wallpaper. To answer Sarah’s question, yes, I’ll make them monthly, and because I won’t be able to post it by February, I’m doing it now, hehe.

Here comes the February wallpaper made out of the (up to now) your most favorite artwork :)


Well I know I’ve been showing the same artworks over and over again, but I promise later on you’ll see some more new ones, haha… it’s just that I used my favorites in the first months… hehe… :d and of course February has to be all pink and dreamy! Right?

No, not really. lol.

and in a whole different notes:

I hope you all have watched UP! The best Disney-pixar movie to my opinion, ended with a very unique happily ever after and dreams come true, a touching, sweet, romantic, you name it, film. Which actually brought me to tears (uh-oh), it's quite an old film after all, but hey, that's not what I'm gonna talk about, I found this picture few days ago.

Cuteness overload!

hehehe. <3>


  1. tiara!

    im so excited for you! and im thinking there is electricity there because you're bringing your laptop with you!? and boy oh boy! sugar rush will be the best highlight of your day ^_^ you can never go wrong with loading yourself and eating candies ! tat will make you feel so much better! LOL... remember not to share!


    and no camera!? WHAT !? whyyy!? what if you see a super cute guy there?! you won't have anything to capture his pretty face with!!! :{

    also, thank you for the comment! coins will definitely be a trend of 2010! for me that is :P

  2. Oooohh.. it's the Princess picture again! LOVE IT! And thank you for making it as a downloadable wallpaper, I just downloaded it, haha! ^^

    btw, seeing that UP picture above reminds me of my bro when he's still a kid, such a chubby-chubby brother! ^^

    oh and good luck for your upcoming project! ;)

  3. Where'd you find that cute picture of the little kid who looks like the one on Up?
    Super cuteness. :)

    Being without a camera sucks... When I want to take pictures sometimes I remember that I left my camera at home... -.-"

  4. I loved Up! And I know, I carry my camera's around all time and everyday! haha...

    btw.. the post title confused me a little bit :P


  5. i am going to miss you a LOT! for a whole month tiaaaara! no no nooooo what am i going to do?

    thank you for the feb wallpaper. all my friends saw the jan one on my laptop and they love love love it.

    you definitely need a camera.... i need to see exactly what you get up to on your adventure away.

    i watched Up on the plane on the way home in december and i love love loved it



    love you!! xx

  6. Hi, Tiara! Just letting you know that I have your January wallpaper up on my laptop. It's fabulous! Thanks so much and take care of yourself while on hiatus. Soak up the sights and come back with lots more inspiration for your artwork.

  7. Oh Tiara, take care and enjoy! We're gonna miss you! Bring home lots of stories, mmmkay? :D

  8. I really love your wallpaper! It's so cute. Thanks for letting us download it.
    You need a camera! I feel so lost without mine. :) x

  9. Oh my God I soooo luv the pic you made it's beautiful ^.^


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