Dec 31, 2009

Dear 2009



I still can’t believe that this year will really end so soon, like in… what? Seven hours?

This year has been a… fun one. I started blogging in littletiara blog this year, made some new friends, discovered the creative worlds, turning twenty, celebrating my birthday together with my friends’, realizing my feeling towards the best friend, went to Bali vacation, business talk, did some modeling,  lived a torturing life in the village…

Heaps of things happened this year, and thank goodness I have this blog where I can write it out to remember all those occasions.

I learned a lot, a hell lot this year.

And let’s not forget changing my layout like thousand times this year, hahaha.


So what are you going to do on the new year’s eve?

Well I’m currently still don’t know, it’s cloudy outside and I’ve been suffering from flu these two days, nose running, high temperature and sore throat, no fun. But I still want to have fun so let’s see… My mom and dad will go out after all, how can the elder spend their new year’s eve hanging out while I’m curling under the thick blanket watching some TV? No can do.

Well, maybe can do… if it’s really raining.

And I’ll celebrate this littletiara bloggyversary in two days, yes, it was born on January 2nd, and I have something in mind for you all dear friends and followers ;) so stay tuned.

And well of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a RAWR! ;P

Anyone has made a new year resolution yet?

Let’s see… Mine would be:

1. Graduating, of course
2. Get a life job, a fun one
3. Tell him (geez, you know what I mean)
4. Bake more cookies
5. Bake more cupcakes
6. Bake more
7. Make more new friends (online and offline)
8. Meet a bloggy friend
9. Create more artworks
10. write a better list


  1. Awts, I hope you get better in less than seven hours so you'll be at your best when 2010 comes! (Here it's only about 4 and a half hours before the clock strikes 12!)

    Thank you for sharing your 2009 with us, Tiara. Happy new year! ♥♥

  2. Hello sweetie! Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope 2010 will bring many happy moments for ya. And good luck with the whole thing with your best friend, i hope everything works out. I'm cheering for ya sweetie. Take care.

  3. "5. Bake more cupcakes." i love this one. happy new year.

  4. Aww, I really do hope you feel beter! HAPPY NEW YEAR though, regardless! Big hugs to you, and I like your list very much, especially all the baking haha :)

  5. Happy new year!
    I need a job too, but I'm so lazy that I've put that off for so long.

    and TELL HIM, woman!

  6. Happy New Year!!
    Great resolutions!

  7. Love The Blog!

  8. I definitely have graduation in the resolution. I hope 2010 treat all of us better. Happy new year to you Lil'T ( i feel like calling you that, don't ask me why :p )

  9. your list is good enough I'd say! and yes... tell him!!! omg :P


  10. awww lady tiara, i'm so flattered, now i know 2010 is gonna be amazing for sure ;)
    happy new year babes. bake me a cake too ?? ;P
    i hope 2010 is great for you

    p.s. and tell him already! i need to attend your wedding!!!!lollllzzz


  11. i adore your blog and you have loads of talent!! happy new year

  12. your resolutions sounds fantasticcc..!

    happy new years <3

  13. That is an awesome clock! Where did you find it?


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