Dec 28, 2009

When it rains

I’ve always loved it when it rains, it gives me a calm sensation, makes me want to sleep (lol) and perfect for any romantic occasion, thoughts and daydreams. Listening to romantic song when it rains is one of my favorite things to do, along with… well… sleeping.

I didn’t like the rain that fell yesterday, though. Remember I was planned to meet the best friend and supposed to tell him? Rain fell soooo heavily and I just couldn’t get out of my house, nor my dad would allow me to do so. We did went to the VW jamboree though, but it's a different story. So I just sulked inside my room, trying to make some creative artworks, which surprisingly happened.

Don’t worry, I’m determined this time, so I’ll surely tell him. Probably after the new year. Sounds like a good plan, starting a new year with a broken heart, lol.

Another talk today, not so fun one; my mom entered my room (which is actually rarely happened) and asked me what I would be when I’m graduated. This question depresses me…

(one) I haven’t even done with my thesis, and to think about the final exam and all :( and my friend just texted me he will do his final tomorrow. FREAKING TOMORROW!

(two) I still don’t know, honestly, what I will work as, I don’t even want to think about it, but I have to, I guess. I thought of my online bookstore but I’m finding myself unsure about it, and selling my artwork? I still have to gain more confidence and financial bases, I don’t know what I’m gonna be and it scares me!

On a lighter note, anyone noticed the banner look a lot like my profile picture? Here’s the comparison:

My banner/header:

Untitled-7 (2)
My profile picture:

LOL. I swear I didn’t do it intentionally! I just realized it today! Meheheheh… kind of cool :d now I only need to make my header pic pout her lips, lol. I think I was concentrating about something in the computer in that photo, why do I always have to pout when I'm thinking? Gah, unattractive.


  1. I love your art works. You banner is my favorite. Like the comparison.

  2. I like the banner, and yes it does look like you!

    You should tell him... it's about time right? :P we'll see about that broken heart, it may just turn out a happy heart! :D


  3. Your banner is really cute! I never noticed how much it looks like your profile picture.

    I hear you! My mom always nags me to be something great when I'm done school. She makes me worry a lot about my future when I would just like to figure it all out when I get there.

  4. love the banner!!

  5. Your artwork is adorable. I love your use of circles and your simple but elegant strokes :) And I think it's cute that your banner/profile match!

    I really hope 2010 doesn't start with a broken heart. It's so hard having a best friend you have feelings for ... but I know it's best to have it out in the open. Even though he might not feel the same way, but he'd be crazy not to!

    And parents always do that 'what is your future going to be like' and it's so unnecessary. I know you'll discover what you want to do on your own time. No pressure :)

  6. hey there! i am sorry that the rain kept you from telling him how you feel. :( soon though, you'll be able to tell him! and i love the rainy picture you drew, it captures your mood so well! it's so cute and pretty. and don't worry. you'll figure out what you're meant to do for a living soon enough. i always think that you should do what makes you happy, and the money will follow. ;) wishful thinking perhaps?? hehe. oh well. just remember to take the time to appreciate each moment and not worry too much about the future...the future will still happen, and take care of itself.

    ps: i LOVE that your blog banner looks like your profile pic. that's so cute! and it's a lovely drawing, to btw. hope you're having a lovely day, little miss tiara... ;)

  7. i'm obsessed with rain, it just makes me happier.

  8. I'm not too happy when it rains. It makes me feel so mellow. And about not really knowing what you plan on doing after college, well that is life sometimes. A few of the people I grew up with had plans to be this and that and ended up doing something else. I say, find your passion in life and go with that. Some of my friends are stuck working for a company that is no longer fun for them, it ends up being soooo depressing. Make sure you get to do what you have a passion for. =)

  9. Tiara!

    Happy nye!

    You are featured on my latest post:


  10. I hope making all this artwork helps you! The rain makes me happy and all I want to do is read or be creative.
    The banner is great and I love that it's similar to your profile pic. x

  11. I heart raining day too. Sleep during raining is superb! *HIGH FIVE*

  12. I love your Artwork! but wait, already know that haha
    seriously, you're very talented!
    you've already got your new year resolution then -TELL HIM! :D

    p.s. awww tiara, i'll go kick that random number generator's ass okay? D:

    p.p.s Happy new year babes *hugs*


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