Dec 6, 2009

I'm here! I'm here!

So I disappeared yes. I just had too much things to handle, lol. But now I'm back, for good, I think :P

Not really in the mood to make a detailed story, I'll just do make one of my favorite thing; list, yeah. Hahaha...

1. The living in the village had finally over, say “yay” with me! Lol. At least the suffering things had gone away, haha.

2. I went to my high school friend's wedding yesterday, with my classmates including the best friend, and he was a little bit more touchy than he usually is yesterday, don't ask me why, ask him. Lol. I'm not gonna lie, I loved it :P

3. It's his birthday tomorrow and I still don't know what to give, I think I'll just ask him out adventuring the city if the weather is good, he's busy managing his shop, though. (remember that he wanted to open a shop? So he apparently made a sandwich shop, he gave up baking cookies, lol.).

4. He asked me out! Not like this is a big thing since we usually randomly hanging out, but he asked me out to a VW parade!!! Which practically means three of my favorite things jumbled up together; riding my favorite car around my favorite city with my favorite boy! Oh oh oh, I still can't help smiling imagining this. Haha..

What else to say here? Hmm... Oh, since the stressing time (read: village life) had passed, I think I'm getting a lot of inspiration, got a bunch of writing ideas and also drawing ideas, ahh... now life is quite wonderful eh? Although yes, I still have to finish my thesis, uh-oh! I have to finish uni by 2010!


  1. I've missed you!

    Oooh, tell me about the wedding, how was it? What did the bride wear, what were the flowers? Did you get pictures?

  2. tiara! send me your address at my email or facebook! i wanna send you a christmas card!!!! :]

  3. good luck with the birthday and everything...

  4. oohhh exciting! don't forget to take pictures of the vw parade ^^

  5. i was looking for you on facebook! i thought you deleted me! i was so sad!!! LOL

    okay here is my email:

  6. heyyy!!! that sounds great.. him asking you out! I hope you 2 have fun! And glad to see you here again!



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