Nov 28, 2009

When I'm stronger

I have this hobby to read online stories, and once upon a day I found a story titled "My best friend's lover", in the end of the story, the author gave us this little letter. which I found touching, as touching as a letter can be, maybe because I can really relate to it.


Someday, I want to be able to write this letter and send it to whoever wins the best friend's heart in the end.

Hello (insert a girl name here),

I can see lately you & my best bud are having a great time together. In fact, my special friend has forgotten to call me or just to say hi and hellos because my special friend has you now. No big deal, I'm prepared, I expected that this would happen. That one day I'll lose my special friend along the way.

I just want to tell you that my special friend is the kind who seems to be so tough on the outside, yet with a soft heart inside. When something bothers my special friend, my special friend won't tell it to you directly. Instead, you have to be sensitive enough to feel the doubts and insecurities and everything my special friend hides within. A little encouraging talk would be nice, but my special friend would surely appreciate it when you'll do the listener's part and share your comments occasionally.

My special friend may not be so showy when jealous or when has "tampo" but you should understand it. You shouldn't do things that might hurt my special friend feelings 'coz I'll be the first one to feel the pain. My special friend let you feel the love in little ways and you should appreciate it as a lover because I know my special friend love you so much. My special friend likes everything to be simple, so he does things in a very modest way but it all flows out from his heart that's why it always turns out to be special.

Some of my special friend's ideas may seem weird but there's a saying that goes, "when you love someone, you should accept his totality." If you can't stand my special friend anymore, just tell my special friend to call me, I'd be happy to listen to my special friend's ideas.

I need not to explain to you why I'm doing this, I hope sure you know why. If you only knew that I love my special friend so much. Not that I blame you, my special friend's really a catch. I just hope that now that you have my special friend in your life, you will not take my special friend for granted nor try to hurt my special friend's feelings. Please make it feel that you value my special friend so much. Make yourself available whenever my special friend needs someone to talk to. I know you wouldn't do things that would hurt my special friend but in case you do, if you hurt my special friend's feelings, please tell my special friend you're sorry. Don't let your conversations end with hate and anger.

I love my special friend so much. When my special friend excitedly told me that the two of you were already comfortable with each other, I decided to stay away from my special friend 'coz I know my special friend has to focus more on you. You shouldn't worry anymore about my presence 'coz I have decided to give way.

Please bestow my special friend with all the love that you can give, because my special friend deserves that. That's all I can ask.

Yours truly

That, when I finally get to let him go.

p.s. and no, that wasn't me who created the letter, I don't know who is, I found it online via a story. If it's you, do tell me so I can credit you.

p.p.s. OH NO! I've turned this post out to be an extremely desperate sounded one, tsk.


  1. Lovely written Tiara :-)
    I think you have many friends !!!

    Have a relaxing weekend

  2. tiara!
    i thought you said you
    were over him! but you're
    still thinking about
    him! it's hard huh!?

    anyway, hope you feel
    better. actually, i hope
    you don't get to give
    this letter to any
    girl. you know why?
    because i want you and
    him to be together
    instead! ^_^

    have a great day tiara!


  3. That letter is so emotional and touching! Thanks for sharing it. I read online stories sometimes (usually fanfiction - kind of embarrassing I know).

    P.S. You have won something on my blog. It was a second chance draw :)

  4. Hello little Tiara!

    wow, what a touching letter. And kudos to the person who wrote it.
    All I can is choose your friends wisely, and you will have happy, fulfilled relationships.

    take care,


  5. You're always the sweetest, T. I wish I could be that open and let out my vulnerability sometimes.


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