Nov 22, 2009

Love moves in a mysterious way

I finally get a chance to sneak up and post something! Haha :)

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So, how's everyone's life? Mine? Oh well... my life has never been any messier but come to think of it, this is something I need to learn, sooner or later I will have to face this kind of obstacle in life. Life doesn't always go our way anyway, and it miraculously feel good to know that I can accept this hardness in life, it makes me feel somewhat... wiser and more mature.

I tend to runaway from the problems I have to face, whether by not caring about it or to leave it as it is, or to cry my heart out as if it will end every problem I have to face, but now I know that I am stronger. I know I will survive, no matter how badly treated I am (or in this case me and my friends are) in the village, knowing that I still have friends to share stories to, have my mommy and daddy who will always support me no matter what, have you all blogger friends, whom I never met before (but will someday, really) who gives me strength more than I can ever imagine from someone who doesn't know me personally, makes me feel strong and sure that I or rather we will survive.

I went to campus today, and it made me feel good, haha... what a surprise, really, like never before. Seeing my friends, the juniors and profs, and even talking to the canteen chef brightened up my day, it's wonderful how I can seek some positive things when the world seems to be crumpled down into a messy messy pool.

And I took public bus today, well... I was in the mood for some random adventure, there and then, people were so friendly to me, the old man who sat beside me even asked me some questions; like where I live and what's my name, and in return he told me his story, he was a teacher, and English teacher, and we talked in English during the trip, too bad it didn't last long.
Other people in the bus were being so friendly too, the woman who sat beside me too asked me where am I studying, and the older woman in front of me shouted "be careful, have a nice day!" when I was about to step out of the bus.

Isn't it wonderful?

People don't really need reason to be nice, really. They had, unknowingly, turned a little girl's life that's been messy lately a little brighter :) and she's so thankful for it.
And you guys are, too, one of those little secret God saved for me, to make me smile always, to keep me stay strong.

I think they thought I was a junior high school student as today I wore a cute red baby dolls.
and a backpack.

I've been a little too busy lately, and I know I'll be even more busier as it approaches December, the festival and all, would anyone guest blogging here? If you are interested, do kindly leave me a comment here providing me your email or just send me an email to


  1. Love ia always mysterious ...... LOL
    Have a wonderful day Tiara :-)

  2. kindness from strangers is always such an amazing thing, isn't it? :)

  3. What a nice and sweet story! People needs heartfelt kindness and are ready to share it. If only we can share it, the whole world will be much nicer. Have a nice new week, Tiara.

  4. I've missed you!

    And that is so sweet, how lovely of them to take the time - it makes all the difference!

  5. ohh i hope things start getting better for you! just hold on a little longer :)

  6. I think you're so much happier and cheerier than a while back, I'm happy for you! That was one sweet story tiara!


  7. I think more lovely people are found where you live. Always amazed on how nice Jogja people can be! Seriously, maybe I just see too many douchebags here.

  8. yes, you are right.. you WILL survive! :) great to hear from you again tiara! take care! :)

  9. i like to walk on the street and distribute smiles to random strangers... and see how contagious it is.

    most people will actually pass the smile on... i guess that's my part for making people's day brighter hehe.

  10. strangers are sometimes better than friends especially if you down, mostly because they don't know it.

  11. Lovely story! I like adventures as they are always good for experience and a story. Meeting strangers can really brighten up your day :)


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