Nov 2, 2009

Oh my mommy!

She’s so adorable! Haha.


My auntie was going to Mecca last week, to go hajj, well… if you want to know, it’s something what we Muslim do, and she asked me if I want her to pray me on something, well… actually I’ve written a page of prayer list, lol. Like graduating soon and get an enjoyable job.

That was it until my mom asked, “don’t you want to get together with TBF (read: The best friend)?”

and there I was speechless.

As far as I knew, I thought my mom only thought that me and the best friend were only best friends (which practically was right, lol), so how the hell did she find it out? I don’t know.

And it is concluded, she has chosen the future son in law for herself, yes yes my dear best friend, you’re kinda doomed. lol.


and how long has it been since the last time I talked about him? Oh I actually miss this kind of topic! :P and I miss him too, I have to say, damnit, almost a month since the last time I saw him in person. *pouts*


  1. Hi Tiara
    I thought first you had a cat :)))
    Very friendly post today !!

  2. well.. that cat is cute, not sure if it's yours or not?

    guess all moms know everything right? haha... well.. hun, you never know, maybe one day some day you will be together? I hope so, don't like to see you sad!

    and yes very friendly post today haha

  3. Mom's always seem to find everything out...hehe. I love the kitty picture! Is he yours? Because he's absolutely adorable! :)

  4. awwwwwwwwww kitty kitty!!so adorable :D
    best friend's going to have to accept his fate now pwahhaha, then we'll be able to attend the wedding yayyy ^^

  5. Wow, Mecca?
    That is amazing.
    And that kitty is so cute!

  6. ohh the best friend. how is that all going?
    p.s. i love the cookie monster photo!

  7. I love both photos! Kitty is adorable, and I've also been obsessed with Cookie Monster. And it's remarkable how much mom's know sometimes, gotta give 'em credit for bringing it up when you least expect it! I hope you do get to see him soon, or at least be in a happier place. Hope you have a good weekend *HUGS*

  8. That picture of coookie monster is so darn cute!
    Hope you get to see TBF soon... it's no fun to miss someone you love!

  9. I love all the pictures and the blog name!


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