Oct 29, 2009

have a nice day

download I am currently at home, for abut four hours only. Away from the village gives me good and peaceful feeling, I can’t believe that I actually hate it that much but yeah that’s the fact. This is scary and a little bit crazy but I have to live the life anyway so that’s what I’m doing, more so, it’s a phase, for me to grow up. Although the peace maker inside of me always tries to look for the best possible way to make all these problems vanished without war.

So let’s just not talk about that, I’ll tell you how good it is to be home. My house have never been this homey before, and no house would be able to replace it, especially in this current situation. It is not only about the internet connection or my messy room, it’s all about the sense of belonging. I own it all, my life, my house, I rule. lol.

I think a warm soothing words is all i need right now, ha… as i’m enjoying the peacefulness of my mommy’s room and the unlimited free internet connection, i hope this day can last longer. ah, amen.



  1. tiara! you're so cute! like those little cute adorable cubes on your last picture!

    it's true that there's no place like home. it's like everyday... somehow you're alwasy driven to want to be home ^_^... it's just so welcoming you know!

    anyway, i hope your village duty will be over soon. since you hate it that much.

  2. i love the little happy candies :)
    have a good one, ok?

  3. I am sorry that you hate it, but I am glad you have a place of refuge and peace.

    hang in there, hun!

  4. Hugs!!

    love the little happy candies!

    there's something on my blog for you

  5. I hope you enjoy more days like that too! I love the little smily sugar cubes-they're so cute. hehe.
    PS: I have an award for you on my blog about 3 posts back. :D


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