Oct 24, 2009


I’m finally back home! Nanette’s birthday was two weeks ago and I’ve wanted to post about it since then, but the pictures I just got it yesterday, so…

We made her a surprise party by making her living room rained with poladroid pictures. Haha. So me and my friends contacted all people she knew, including her ex-es to help us sending their pictures holding a birthday sign for her, it was pretty troublesome, as one, we don’t really know her friends from other cities, or even countries (for we contacted some of her buzznet and myspace friends too, and she has like freaking 400++ friends lol-some are bands or people she admires) but we made it anyway. Not all of them agreed, some even didn’t reply the message, but it was still fun, ha.

And there was one most important part, we need this surprise to be a blast, so we tried to contact some people she adored for long, one is miss Katie Sokoler from colormekatie, whose blog I adored so much too, two is Mr. Kunto Aji, an Indonesian Idol contestant who is actually Nanette’s playmate and my senior back in the junior and senior high school, we kind of lost contact ever since he joined the famous TV show, thus we kind of miss him much, and the last one requested to be kept secret.

It was kind of surprising how these people were so cooperative. I seriously was surprised when Miss Katie replied to my message, I was even higher when she sent me her pic, oh my! How could one be so kind?

Mr. Aji replied to my text message in the middle of the night and got me unsleeping right after, lol. It felt nice to have him helping us, plus the fact that it's been ages since the last time I talked to him, haha.

So here it goes…



*yep, that’s me beside her, lol.

that was precious and priceless, hors de prix :) I want my next birthday to be full of balloons and surprises and colors and all my dearest friends. lol, talking about greedy.


  1. oh how cool! it's great that you've arranged that for your friend! and you're not greedy... it's how it's supposed to be!

    Have a lovely sunday!

  2. I think it's such a cool friend of you to do this for her. :) She looks so happy!

  3. Isn't it a great idea! You are such a sweet organizer! Cheers to the friendship!
    I don't know why but I can't post comment here with my ID.

  4. girls ah, thank you for the lovely comments, yes she was so happy, haha :D and I'm glad I was a part of her happiness, and I think some of you have problems with commenting here? Same goes to me... =( gotta fix it, let's see what I can do...

  5. Wow, how thoughtful of you to plan all that for a friend. I myself enjoy organizing surprise birthday parties. It's just so fulfilling in the end to see that the birthday celebrant and the guests had fun.

  6. awwww! i wish you were my friend here! i love surprises! but as much as i like them i don't think anyone loves me as much as your friend is loved! LOL!

    LUCKYY GIRL! glad you guys had so much fun! :} the pictures are lovely!


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