Oct 5, 2009


Finally, after a long five years of waiting, I’m giving up.

That doesn’t sound good, does it?

I went out with him today, and I realized something was slipping away from my life, the butterflies on my stomach, I couldn’t feel them flying around anymore.

The determination I put in my heart all this while faded away as days go by.

Which part of our conversation today lead me this way? There must be at least a line from him that made me back away. giving up is never my favorite thing to do, but here, I’m doing it anyway.

I’m not gonna lie , it hurts. Really. But then all I have to do is picking up each and every one of my dusty broken heart and put them back in its place. Not gonna be easy, I believe. But I will do it, I know.

“I don’t know if I should smile because I'm your best friend, or cry ‘cause that’s all I’ll ever be”

P.s I have some problems with my internet connection. I don't know why but I can't comment on some of your blogs. Great timing, huh? (insert sarcasm here)

P.p.s I re-read this post and actually think; Did I make any sense here. Oh rants.


  1. Just think of it this way, if he's the one, it will happen eventually. You shouldn't live your life waiting for a guy anyway. I am sure there must be someone better suited for you out there anyway! I am sorry you are hurting, though!

  2. Its sad news Tiara
    but when you have these feelings you did the right thing !!!
    Take care ......
    try to enjoy your life :)

  3. I'm glad in a sense that you were honest to yourself this time. Be honest and don't lose yourself. You'll be fine after all and there will be someone on your way for sure. Take time!

  4. How sad... but you'll get over it!
    Take care hun, you'll be fine!


  5. it makes sense....i was with you. you'll be ok...i'VE BEEN HERE.....actually, im here right now. hugs.

  6. awwww it's a phase! hope you feel better :] seriously though, sometimes... that a terrible feeling. but it's okay to rant about it. let it all out!

    feel better dear!

  7. i'm so sorry about this. i hope you get feeling better. there is so much to look forward to and be happy about!!

  8. i am going through a similar thing now, tiarakins

    we need to be strong. i knpw how difficult it is. but we can do it. and we have to.

    and i agree, if it is meant to happen, it will happen. sometimes the most difficult thing is the patience


  9. Maybe it's for the best babe, or maybe next time you better show it more. I know we asian girls with our values and our shyness and all but boys are boys, you gotta show more. they can be pretty clueless.

  10. Oh Tiara, this is so sad
    but you have you have to let go completely to be able to move on.
    be strong darling, and you'll get over this. here's a Hug :)

  11. I had to walk away from my high school/college sweetheart because it just wasn't right. I met the hubs and all those feelings that had been missing were there. Hang in there!

  12. *HUGS* I know, one day, you'll find that person that you don't have to wait for. Stay strong.

  13. aww sweetie. i know that it is not an easy thing. i am so sorry. you will find your prince charming, i promise. (i know that doesn't help you right now.) but just...hang in there. happiness will find you. ;)


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