Sep 29, 2009

Miss me while I'm away, okay?

I’m going to be away until Monday, out of town business trip! Ha! So I can’t go around the blogsphere and leave you all a comment :( I’ll make it up later, I think. I hope everyone miss me, haha.

And just in case you miss me too much, I’ll leave you with some pictures of me. Me and my friends were doing a little photo shoot few weeks ago and yesterday I received some of them ;)

Whenever I see this pic, I’ll only focus on one thing, my abs. Mwahaha.

Isn’t this one so fun looking? This is my favorite of all pictures. (and I was kind of the center of attention, lol)

p.s. anyone noticed I was using high heels in the pictures? Mwhaha.

Actually we did have more pictures in different outfits, but they’re still untouched, need more editing and all.

okay, one last picture, showing you how I don’t really want to leave the blogsphere (you see, the pout =P).

So, I'm off now! :D


  1. Love the pictures! Cute outfit adore the hat. Have a good business trip

  2. such cute pics tiara! ;P you are so adorable! have a safe trip and have fun on your business trip... if that's even possible! hehe ;P

  3. how cute! how does one get photoshoots?

  4. oh my gosh! this is so cute! i mean... man... im so jealous now! i wish my friends were this photogenic! i wanna be part of this!!! heeheeh! photoshop me in!!! HAHAHAHAH jkjk

    awww we'll miss you buddy!

  5. Very nice pictures! Aww, how I envy your flat stomach. Lucky girl!

    Anyway, good luck on your business trip. Take care while your away, okay? We will surely miss you.

  6. these photos are aweeeeeeesome!! you guys look like youre the cast of a tv show!!!!!!!! <3 <3

    have a good trip!

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time :)

  8. weeeeee....
    finally! u post it!
    so happy to see us there...
    so cool.hohohoohoho..

    and tbh, i blush myself when i see Sarah's comment: cast of tv show?? WOW! best comment of hahahahaha

    be back soon darling,
    we miss u!

  9. Have a nice trip girl! Good luck!

    I love the pics!

    You'll be missed, Tiara!

    Anyway, thanks for entering the Gucci Giveaway. I've finally answered your question in my latest post!


  10. girl! omg are you affected by the earth quake?! oh my gosh! hope you're okay !!!! :X


  11. like abby, i'm also coming to check up on you. i was just watching the earthquake in the news >_<
    please tell me you n your family's alrite??


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