Sep 16, 2009

kinda sweet, eh?

9732_1158906226011_1628449008_388047_3199148_nMe and my high school friends, just as usual, held an annual reunion last Saturday. And this one is like one of my favorite of all pictures.

Why you ask?

Hmm… maybe because there’s a sweet little gesture between me and the best friend. (well, if you can’t tell me which one I am I’ll hate you I’m the girl one, lol. Who did that fish face-and the best friend is the one beside me who had the sweetest smile here. Gah, I should’ve smiled instead of doing a fish face, lol.)


  1. fish face is better! heheheh!

  2. Nice to meet all..... LOL
    Lovely picture Tiara
    You must frame it in :)

  3. AWWWW :) You and the beeeeeeeeeeestfriend ;)

  4. your blog is so cute! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. oh! Blogger made a change! I love how I can see your profile pictures in my comments now! Why don't they add the needed [Reply] button already? Come on blogger! D:

    emily: Haha, thank you! It was almost midnight so my face (or ours?) was/were kinda messy, haha.

    Kym: Haha, yeah! It's more fun to make a fish face than a sweet ones, lol.

    Anya: I should! Haha.

    Jessica: SO true! It's fun to meet again after a year and finding how everyone is changing and yet ever the old same selves. ;)

    Andhari: lol. what's with the aww? :P

    Kenna: Thank you! Haha, and are you, by any chance is a sibling of Dionne/Brian? lol. Since they're Christensen too, lol. :d


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