Sep 23, 2009

Tumblr and a tag

I have a lot of things running in my little head lately, and I can’t pinpoint as to which to write first.

first, I think It’s been quite some time since the last time I blogged, alright, five days ago, that is quite some time, right? Thus, I apologize.

next, I’ve been addicted to tumblr. lately, really addicted like I can spend my nights and days in front of it, seriously, lol. I found these pretty pictures via tumblr.


and you can tell I’m much addicted to pastel colored pictures too. Argh, there are heaps of them over tumblr, reasoning my addiction.

And ah! Jessica from Jessicaleighlalou tagged me! Haha, one, I love her name and second I love doing tag game so I just have to do it, aha?

1. Two things you cannot leave the house without?

Would it be ridiculous if I say my clothes? lol. I mean, I can never, literally, go out without it, really.

2. Favorite Flower?

Sunflowers, daisies and dandelions (are dandelions even flower?)

3. Favorite Star Bucks drink?

Uhm, Would you be shocked to death if I said I don’t drink Star Bucks?

4. Heels or flats?

I don’t even have heels, but I’m planning to buy one, and I think I like myself on it so I’ll give it a go.

5. Favorite type of movies?

As long as it got no blood in it.

6. Favorite color?

RED. How ironic that I just said I dislike anything with blood few characters ago.

7. Do you drink juice ?

Of course! I’m so much in love with them, drinking Juice makes me feel healthy, lol.

8. Eyeliner or mascara?

Eyeliner, fo-sho. I’ve had enough experiencing mascara stained face, haha.

9. What type of shoes are you wearing right now?

Right now? I’m bare-footed right now.

10. What’s your favorite scent?

Something refreshing, like green tea, or breeze, or water.

And I tag, well, anyone who’s interested in doing so :)


  1. 3. Favorite Star Bucks drink?
    Uhm, Would you be shocked to death if I said I don’t drink Star Bucks?

    i'm not shocked! that's great! it's way too overpriced...

  2. O_O i'm shocked to death that you don't drink star bucks! but it's OKAY! one time i needed caffeine... i got iced coffee from starbucks and i can assure you that i was shaking the whole day! i will order coffee again! LOL!

    and I LOVE THE PREETTTYYY pictures!

    and it's okay if you've been absent from blogger. i have been too! HAHA. darn it... schools been on my mind!

    and OH MY GOSH! i never leave the house without my clothes too! hahaha! yay!

  3. Woopsie, looks like we've got something in common. I don't drink Starbucks too, or coffee in general. I love their fruit juices, though.

  4. i've also been really addicted to tumblr lately

  5. Tumblr is amazing, I don't blame you for being obsessed! And I'm not shocked about Starbucks ... believe it or not, I've only gone there about five times in my life. I prefer cheaper, or even home-made, coffee alternatives! And I loooove juice -- what's your favourite flavour? :) I might just do this, yay!

  6. Those tumblr finds are lovely.

    I am with you on Starbucks. Their coffee is blah. but they do have good frappucinos!

  7. those tumblr photos are absolutely AMAZING!!! p.s. we happen to have just about EVERYTHING IN COMMON!!! we were destined to be friends!!!! i know it!!!!

  8. Girly! What are you saying? Go buy a pair of good heels and practice walking in them :) Transform any looks completely, I swear :)

  9. Hehe- you don't leave your house without clothes on? Say what?! haha. I love your list! Such pretty photos, too.


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