Sep 1, 2009

On your mark, get set, go!

Anyone misses me? Haha, I spent my weekend at Nanette’s house, basically her house is our base camp, that’s why. She lives in a good big house with only her sister and maid so we don’t have to be shy there, haha… her sister is just as crazy as us. =d

So based on the western calendar, summer is officially over and… great, where’s my post about my summer wish list? The pictures are still in Nanette’s computer and the soonest I can meet her again is next week so I think I failed, lol.

But hey! It’s an endless summer here in Indonesia so I decided to still do them all. I’ve visited the village and enjoy the greenery and has the pics with me! At least I have one thing done ;d

_1030116_1030102cop _1030105cop_1030132cop

Not so green, eh? The next week we went there all the paddy field were yellow! It’s harvest time! :D

By the way, school started last week, it reminds me that I am on my last year here, and that I have to work hard, so I settled my goals yesterday (when I skipped a class I decided to go to the library, that was how I remember I have to finish all this classes soon).

1. Get the online bookstore opened soon.

logo this logo still need some fixing, I’m doing it right now so I can start it as the office is now already ready, a-ha! Money here I come! :d

2. Get graduated


Of course, I have to finish this all first, or else I’ll be distracted between making money and studying. I have no intention to continue my study, yet. Career is my aim now.

3. Buy a car


-with my own money. My target is this white vw new beetle. I don’t think I’ll buy the convertible one, though. For it’s already too hot without summer here, lol.


  1. use the one that you can close and open the topm, girlie. Convertible is cool, really. Perfect for evenings LOL

  2. I love the graduating cupcakes!!

  3. I love the new logo, and your summer pics look fun!

    And hey, I have a VW beetle! But mine is green.

  4. LOL why would u buy such a nice car and live in Indo? just kidding...

    Haha.. I remember that place.. I guess u remember I've been there too :p

    anyway, check out my latest blog post, I've got an ipod already! finally!!! LOL

  5. the online bookstore logo looks really good! forgive me for my ignorance, but i really wanted to know what naranga means.. :-)

  6. I'm so sorry you couldn't get your wish list pics in time!!! I'm sure they would've been wonderful (I really liked your list!). I've got lots of stuff giveaways and things lined up so keep an eye out.


  7. oh it looks gorgeous! how fun!

  8. You're right, it's always summer in Indonesia, even here in the Philippines, or in any tropical country for that matter.

    Can I just say how much I adore your layout? So cute!

  9. I love this! Especially the cupcakes and the car. I wish I had a car like that. hehe. :) Good luck on your list!!

  10. I just wanted to make sure the earthquake reported on TV hopefully didn't make you surprised. How was it in Jakarta?

  11. ooo i've always wanted a convertible beetle! they're so adorable. but i need money too. :P


  12. that car is sooooo awesomeeeeeee, you should totally get it!

    i missed youuu!!! its so nice to see youre still lovely and nuts xx


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