Oct 9, 2009

the five habits


Thank you so much for your each and every supporting comment in the previous post :) they really helped me a lot. Alright, so I met him again yesterday and we chatted like nothing mattered, yes, nothing actually mattered so why should I build it up?

There are some gestures I noticed I only use whenever I’m with the best friend. Wait, okay, I’m over him, but we’re still best friends and I think… it’s unavoidable of me to talk about him every now and then.

I’ll be going for two days, yes, it’s weekend again and I have to do my duty in the village, we’re going to participate on a festival to celebrate Jogja’s anniversary! I’m sure there’ll be heaps of pictures ahead.

Anyway, here’s the list:

1. I always refer to “us” instead of me and/or you,

especially when we talk about the future, seriously, lol. Like yesterday when I told him that I don’t want to have a house with a lot of stairs because children love stairs too much and they’re double trouble to babysit when there’s stairs, “just let our child play in someone’s stair in someone’s house when we visit his/her house, at least that won’t be everyday,” and he was silent for a few nanosecond before said “okay…”

or some other time when I just back from our classmate’s wedding party, which he couldn’t make, so I told him how me and my other classmates decided to give a trophy when someone' from our class get married, I told him, “So when we got married, we will get a trophy!” And I was too busy thinking about the trophy to realize that what I said was somehow… what do you call it? Controversial? I can’t remember what he said in response, hmm…

2. I speak one octave higher than I usually do

While my voice isn’t really all that great, I just have to make it more squeaky, lol. He never really mind, though. And I never realized it until some time ago when we hang out I talked in my normal voice and he asked, “are you sick or something? You sound tired,” lol. Just because I didn’t talk as much and as squeaky.

3. Talking about money and business is something that is unavoidable.

Yes, he’s starting to build his bakery/cake shop/anything and I’m busy with my online bookstore preparation. Whenever we can’t find a good topic to talk about we’ll talk about business, and it doesn’t need a genius to tell that we both enjoy this conversation. Frankly speaking, I never really talk about business matter with my other friends.

4. I stare straight to his eyes whenever we talk

I don’t know why but I always do, based on the saying that you cannot look straight into someone’s eyes when you love him, then I’m definitely not in love with him. His brown eyes are something I don’t want to miss to stare at. They’re deep and captivating and I love the fact that I always look straight to his eyes. ha! It’s like challenging myself.

5. And when we said farewell it always ends with him putting his hand on my forehead.

and no one else do it to me, I don’t know about his situation, though.

and what do those cupcakes have to do with this post? I don’t know either, lol.


  1. awww girl! get married to him already! hahahhaa! i wanna be one of your maid of honors! LOL!

    we'll take LOTS AnD LOTS OF CUTE pictures like the ones with you and your friends. and then we're gonna have a very awesome bachlorette party (because it's gonna be your last day of FREEDOM!) and i'll make sure that it's memorable for you! XD

  2. Ummm okay, I would have been stunned too lol.
    It lookslike you better get it out and open , really.

  3. Oh wow... He must have felt awkward whenever you mentioned we. Especially in the part when you said "when we get married we will get a trophy" lols...hehehehehhee I'm with Andhari maybe you guys need to really talk and get it out in the open. =)

  4. your blog is so cute! i love that pic!

  5. i soooo agree with Abby! you two need to get mrried already! we're really excited to attend THE wedding! :)

  6. i love that you just talk about getting married without even thinking about it


    ah tiaraaaa these are such difficult situations! i do think that when a guy and girl are best friends, there are usually some hidden feelings somewhere. its just tough being open about them


  7. yup, I agree with sarah...
    very difficult situations, been there done that.

    I've only been very very good friends with a boy in high school once... no hidden feelings, and a few years later he turned out to be GAY! so yep, there you have it...


  8. tiara, thanks for the comment! i think the world needs more hugs too! and since you need one well, *hug*! ^_^

    have a good one!

  9. awww love this post! isn't it funny the quirky things we do with those we like? or even just those who know us well? ;)

  10. Aw girl you're breaking my heart ... this list is so adorable and I have just high hopes for you and just want to hug you and wish you the greatest love in the world ... and I love your reasoning for not having a lot of stairs, you're too cute :) *HUGS*

  11. it's definitely the little things for sure. Hope everything goes according to plan!

  12. where are you?

    i miss you tiara xxxxx

  13. This is such a great post! I love the picture and I know what you mean about eye contact, when I'm talking to the guy I like... I just can't look away. :)


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