Oct 18, 2009

I’m stressed!

tumblr_kq94rtG7Mt1qzzp48o1_500I’m back! When was the last time I posted something here? About a week ago? Damn, I miss you all guys, and by the way, there’s one real bad news, for me, I think. Starting this week until December, I will spend my Wednesday to Sunday away from home, and the worst part, away from internet, and I hate this fact too much. How can an internet freak like me survive without internet? I’ll force my mom and dad to give me internet goodness, whatever that me ans, maybe like a… an iPhone? Ha! =P

I just came back, and is stressed after finding out the said fact. Maybe I should just grab some money from my bank account and buy whichever blackberry or iPhone, or just a simple phone that can connect me to internet.

Damn, I sounded so frustrated, oh well… I actually am.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I’ll keep on posting for the next three days, lol.


  1. Ouchhhhhhh! that sucks so much. i'm totally addicted to the internet too, and even staying away from it for one whole day drives me crazy >_<

  2. I know how you feel! living without i-net is like living without air! hahaha.... well yeah, you'll get used to it I guess... but we'll miss you!


  3. awww you're so cute! hopefully you get back to the blogging community! :;]

  4. i totally understand!! life is just busy right now!

  5. oh gosh... i can't even survive 15 minutes without internet. haha! you can do it though... with a little discipline. but yes, iphone is very handy!

  6. whyyyy?? where are you going?? where are you possibly headed that has noo internet??

    i will miss you while you are gone.



  7. Blackberry is the only way to go babe. And we can talk all the time too :P


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