Oct 25, 2009

This post sucks.


I think I have to warn you, this post will be a sucky one as I’ll tell you how sucked my recent life is. I need to runaway.

ONE. The life at the village isn’t as fun as I thought it would be, despite the whole lot (almost everyday) cam-whoring photo session, jokes and all, I was bored to death, not to mention some conflicts between us every now and then.

What makes it worse is that I have no intention to change it. I’ll keep being the spoiled brat whining about internet-less days and too hot sun and the lack of handsome face and all. And I believe if I keep acting like this spoiled little princess, I’ll add my name to the conflict area, I’ve had enough confusion already, so please dear self, stop being annoying.

The only thing that makes me stay is the fact that I have to. damn it.

TWO. My school life, isn’t all that great either, although I have classes only in Monday and Friday, both classes are stressing with all the homework and papers. Ever heard the word ‘I hate Mondays” I can’t help but agree to the creator.

THREE. I am in need of love, I haven’t met the best friend for almost two weeks thanks to the village duty, I barely have time for myself, and whenever I’ m free, the best friend is not. I need to get over him, I did, I think. But now, it’s a crisis, I need to feel some love and he’s the only one I have in mind, as I haven’t found a new object for my affection yet. Gosh, this couldn’t be any more torturing, right?


FOUR. I don’t know what is it, I just know that something wrong’s going to be added to this list pretty soon.

And I forgot to mention that I have to work on my thesis too. Makes it the fourth, to add salt on to the scar, I am inspiration-less, of course, how can such negative state give me an inspiration?

It all, however, started with the messy life I have to live in the village. Damn, how long  two f*ckin months can be?

Or maybe I’m just missing the best friend too much.

Or maybe, it’s all just simply because of… PMS. Eww.



  1. arrgrgg!!! oh my gosh girl! this post DOES NOT SUCK! this is pure rant at it's best! so just let it all out because i'm here for yah!

    why do you need to do village duty anyway? and internet less? ahh... i need tat! i procrastinate on it WAY TOO MUCH! but it's heaven on earth. i guess.

    also, boys boys boys... i hope you see your best friend soon! :} it's hard to get over someone special huh? :/

    lastly, *HUG!*

  2. awwww! i'm sorry to hear about your rough times! that is no fun. :( hope you feel better soon...sometimes we all have dark days... :)

  3. Awwh, I know the feeling. Mostly with number TWO and THREE.
    Like seriously... hahah


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