Nov 15, 2009

For a brighter day

Thank you all for your ideas in the previous post, for those who still want to share me some ideas, go ahead and comment in the previous post.

I finally changed my header again! After a long while, right? I just had some free time yesterday and thought that maybe just maybe the previous header was too childish, so I changed it, not much of a change, I think. duh lol.

And when I was making this new header I realized how picky I am, I spent hours only to look for the perfect font, and FYI I have kike 437835795739 fonts in this dear lappy, lol, so… yeah. Choosing colors and all took longer, making the little details was the fastest, I made them this morning and I think it turned out quite good, kind of princess looking, spoiled and girly, ha!

What else to say here? My days are quite better now, haha… because now the festival we’re gonna held is coming closer we’re all busy and have no time to bitching around whatsoever, that’s kind of good, I think. Haha… because willing or not, I am forced to work with them, and vice versa.

I am still a peace lover no matter what.


I still haven’t met the best friend again yet but that’s not really a problem because we text one another almost everyday, and even when we’re not texting each other it doesn’t really matter, I’m not that much affected by him anymore. I just always need him to be around, I think.

I was wondering if in the future I have my own hubby and he has his wife, will I still be this attached to him? I mean, as a friend, whom I need to always be there. It’ll be good if I have a have not so possessive hubby, but what if I do? Hmm…

Oh! I remember having a self confidence crisis few days ago. I looked around the blogsphere and realized how cool my bloggy friends are.

Claradevi was just featured on Gogirl! Indonesia, while I am always only a reader. Andhari, as you all know is one fine rapper cum soon to be graduated law student, a year older than me yet so much steps ahead of me, Katie’s carefree life is one of the thing I aim, and she’s only two years older than me, can I make it when I’m twenty two like her now? Dionne, the awfully creative and friendly who happily married to her best friend can sell her artworks, will I be able to use my own creativity to make things more useful like she does?

Those were only some of them, I am not intended to make a long list of envious words, that’ll make me sounds worse.

Of course I envy them, but that’s not entirely a bad thing, they inspired me to move on, to dig my brain and find my treasured skill, watching them succeeded makes me want to gain the same, thus, don’t feel bad you all girls, I don’t hate you, I’m just jealous, lololol.

Isn’t blogsphere wonderful? :D


  1. blog world is great :) love the new header.

  2. I love your new header. Lovely.
    I didn't think the previous one was childish, though. I like this soft color of your drawing, as well. You are an color-loving artist.

  3. love the new header, its so happy and colorful! ;P

    about your bestie and your future hubbie... i think things change when you get married. best friend will also have his family while you have yours and you obviously can't hang out or talk as much as you used to. As long as you do your part in keeping boundaries with your friend, i'm sure your future hubbie will have no need to be possessive ;P

  4. I LOVE the banner - it's so pretty! So you!

    And thanks for the blog love, hun! Your bloglet inspires me, too! You are always seeking to be honest and true to yourself, which is DEFINITELY something to be proud of!

  5. the new header is cute, i likesssssssss :D
    you're also cool in your own way Tiara darling

  6. Eeeeee!!! I love your new header! It's wonderful. :)
    PS: The blog world is just great- I agree.

  7. you're very welcome on the previous ideas! ^_^

    anyway, i hope you feel better about the best friend! i mean... i don't think you're going to be attached to him anymore once you have a husband! that's just terrible!

    anyway... i love your new header! it's so cute!!

    also thank you SO MUCH ON THE banner!!! ^_^ i love them so much!!! hehehe! you have no idea how happy i was to see it! thank you for the birthday greeting too! :]

  8. I think your new header is beautiful :)

  9. Tiara darling!!! :)
    what are you up to???long time no blog! miss youuu ^^

  10. And you mentioned me! AWWWWW. You're super adorable :)


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