Dec 11, 2009

Let’s call it super photoshoot

Remember one day I had a photo shoot? Yes yes, these ones…

It’s not a secret that me and my friends love being photographed, and we’ve had lots of random photo session experience, please notice I said random.

Yesterday, my friend’s boyfriend who is currently learning photography asked us to be his model, just because we said to him we want to take picture like this one:


This pic is kinda cute, right?

So of course we agreed! Yay! And we planned on everything like where we should take the pictures (apparently we don’t want to make it indoor, so we’re looking for some wide grass fields), the properties (like those tulle the girls used) etc etc etc.

And few nights ago I chatted with the ‘photographer’ and we were talking about boys, I asked him to get me some cute boys (lol, really) and here goes the conversation…

him: oh, don’t worry, when we’re doing the photoshoot there’ll be lots of boys, I’ve invited my friends from the photography clas


me: Oh, really? Lots of them?

him: Yep, about 50, I think…

What the…

Fifty… no FIFTY freaking photographers?!

and later on he said again, “but maybe not all of them is coming, maybe only 20 of them…”

and what’s the difference between FIFTY and TWENTY? Someone please tell me, because I still can’t differentiate it.

Imagine twenty photographers with their freaking twenty lens shooting right at you and your friends who are helplessly faking laugh and smile in the middle of a wide prairie.

Dear blogger friends, be proud, because now one of your blog buddy is a super model, like… SUPER model. lol.

Screw Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Cyndi Crawford, little tiara is coming your way.

I think I’m going crazy.


  1. Hahaha oh come on girly, that sounds fun to me. Especially if all of them edit the results differently later, there's no such things as too many pictures for us girls.:) have fun!

  2. YEA!! Can't wait to see the pictures!! have fun!!

  3. oh my goodness!!! that is a lot of photographers!! hahaha. you are so funny. i really enjoy the way you tell stories! this is just great. oh my gosh. hahaha!! loving it. have fun!

  4. TIARAAAAA!!!! send me a pic with your signature please... just in case you become famous!


  5. WHAAA? That first photoshoot is adorable and now you're going to model for TWENTY photographer? Gal, you are FIERCE :D Hope it's a blast and not too nerve-wrecking! Have an amazing weekend :)

  6. Haha that would have been awesome!! I'm sure you girls did fantastic! The first pictures are awesome!
    And I love the photo with the tulle tutus. I would love to have some picture with those outfits :p

  7. All the pictures are nice! and of course you and your friends in each picture look so cool! Enjoy!

  8. Wow I love all the pictures! Good luck at the photo shoot thingy! That's a lot of photographers..hehe. :)

  9. PS: I gave you a little award on my blog! Have a look-see if you want. :D

  10. Hahahahaha, how fun! I love it! And dang, that's a lot of photogs! Paparazzi, baby!

    And yes, you can use my pics, of course!

    (what happened to your FB???)


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