Dec 22, 2009

Do you like it?


testing out the new layout

it seems to have a problem with ‘enter’ button, ah… a little troublesome but I’ll fix them all soon. (or at least the ones in the front page :P) I love making it look so personalized, that’s why I still try to fix it; usually I am a very picky person, yes, picky and lazy person.

This time though, I’m gonna try to make things look good, although I’m pretty sure I’ll later change the layout again (or at the very least the header).

In other news, my mom bought me an electric oven yesterday, and I’m meeting the best friend this weekend, I promised him to bring one thing I baked, any idea? A simple one?

I’m giving myself the last chance this time; if I still can’t use it properly I’ll just force my heart and brain to forget about me and his happy ending, I’ve given myself too much chances, I shouldn’t wait forever for one guy.

ps: I'm so in love with this new layout! I especially love my personalized header, right, I made it myself and I am proud of it, really proud of it. I should add to my 2o1o resolution to not change layout for at least a year, really. It's a part of my identity!


  1. It's so pretty. Where do you get all your blog templates?

  2. i think it's my favorite so far!

  3. Hello I like your new design is inspiring .. Congratulations! As for the other pate can bake some cookies or ginger ale to brand butter cookies, I do not know if you want some avisame recieta have a friend who knows a lot about it and I can say that I spend some .. a greeting!

  4. This is too, too adorable! I love that you wrote it all yourself ... your handwriting is gorgeous, m'lady. And the colour scheme is so soothing ... I'm talking like a graphics design person right now haha.

    And ooo, hope you find something good to bake your best friend! Maybe just chocolate chip cookies? Or some kind of tiny yummy cake? Good luck, and I hope he realizes how amazing you are and makes you feel sepcial :)

  5. Your new template is beautiful! I really love it! Great work on doing it yourself.

    I hope the baking goes well and you are able to get things started. I do hope you get your happy ending too! x

  6. Whoah! I love it Tiara, so pretty :)

    Congratulations on your new oven :) Hmm, maybe you can bake choco-chip cookies? They're my favorite!

    And I know what you mean about the bestfriend. I am in a similar situation x_x

  7. tiaraaaa i love it! its so pretttyyyy

    hmmm... maybe make brownies... or muffins. both are pretty easy and always taste good

    sigh. its so hard... the situation with your best friend. i am... still... in the same kinda situation as you. and i am struggling to make my heart listen to my brain. but the difference is, my guy knows how i feel. its just difficult

    i think you should kiss him :p

  8. love love the header!!! such pretty colours!!

  9. hi there! i've seen several of your layouts before, and all i wanna say, i love this one! :)

  10. cupcakes maybe?? everyone loves cupcakes right? :)
    i love the new layout, so pretty , so YOU ^_^

  11. I like it!!! a lot! and dear, I'm picky too...

    did you draw it yourself? I didn't know you can draw that well!


  12. Awesome layout, I like the colours :-)

  13. I love it as always. It's very easy on the eyes. This is probably your best layout. Is this going to be for good? or is it for now? heheehehe

  14. Hello there! Just checking in to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a good one, okay? :)

  15. i love this new layout! it's so pretty! awwww. :) merry christmas to you lovely lady! <3


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