Dec 26, 2009


I woke up with my hands shaking and my body trembling all over, no, I’m not sick, neither broken hearted. One thing I know, I need to create something today. So I opened my laptop, planning to continue my story, that was until I needed to do some research about painting, so I googled and found some cool painting.

And that was how I found out what I really need to do:


Remember the best friend’s birthday is early this month? I haven’t given him anything yet, so I drew, I made something for him, the thing I’m really familiar about, my own hand-drawing.

It’s been ages since the last time I really did it, but I am glad I did it again this morning. Here’s what I come up with:

(I don’t have a scanner-really need to buy one! And this pic is still wet when I took this pic, so…)
I think I am quite satisfied with it.  I hope the best friend can appreciate art stuff, I’m not sure if he does though. lol.

Been obsessed over fireflies lately, this one is my attempt using my tablet:

Do you think, if I print it out and sell it, someone will buy it?


  1. Tiara, it's such an awesome painting. Someone would buy it, of course. I say you make yourself an account in etsy and make a paypal if you haven't. You're so talented :)

  2. Oh wow, you are AMAZINGLY TALENTED Tiara!

  3. You made these? Beautiful!!! What an artist!

  4. Beautiful! I think someone would buy it for sure.

  5. Thats awsome!

  6. I like it! and I really do think someone will buy it as well! just give it a try tiara!

    Hope you had a great Christmas love!


  7. i love ur drawing baby!!!
    draw me one draw me one!! hehehhee...

  8. That's really pretty! I love the glow of the fireflies :)

  9. oh tiara this is so great! i love the second one!

  10. Oh, this made me think of twilight,waiting for a ride during my university days... staring at fireflies... you should definitely try selling or even offer your services to make blog headers. I'll be the first in line.


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