May 21, 2011

the ring and the princess

a little, simplified story of my love life.

Once upon a time in a not-so-far away land, lived a princess. Not the prettiest but a pretty princess after all. The Princess loved her jewelries, she had stacks of necklaces and shiny bangles and earrings and colorful tiaras, you name it.

But one day she realized that there was a problem, she couldn't find a suitable ring for herself. So she decided to go find her ring.

She went to the market, and found rings of so many kinds. Different kind of gem stones, shapes, colors and sizes. She picked her favorites and tried them on, most of them are too big for her slim, slender fingers. She bought some of them and kept them in her box.

When she went back to the palace, she tried them on once again. There was one that fitted her finger quite nicely. But she didn't like the gemstone, not her style, so she put it back to the box.

When she looked through her old collection, she found one very pretty ring which was never looked so good before. But just like the other rings, this one was too big for her. Nonetheless, she put it on her fingers because she loved it so much and she thought it looked nice on her finger.

Days passed and she still wore the ring, at times --most of the times-- the ring would fall from her finger, but she tried her best to keep it there, until one day it slipped away from her finger and broke. The princess was heartbroken, although deep inside her heart she knew sooner or later it would happened.

Later on, she went to a bazaar and found even more beautiful rings. There was one shiny rings, just looking at it made the princess happy, just when she thought she found her ring, she figured out that it was another princess' ring. Of course, she knew well enough not to want it.

The princess figured, she should not only look for a pretty ring. What more important is if it fits her. Of course, It would be nice if the ring is both pretty and suitable for her.

Now, the princess is still looking for the perfect ring for her. At least now she knows what she's looking for.


  1. Wow! Nice one...

    Wait, you're princess, right? *scratches head*

  2. so, when the princess gonna marry? LOL.. i do hope soon, after she got her ring from the prince..

  3. yep, the "rings" gotta fit! and if the ring does fit, then the "rings" gonna give you a ring to let you know he's giving you a ring! hehehe! ;)

  4. a great story Tiara. :) always love princess fairy tales

  5. This was such a beautiful story :) I simply adore fairy tales and the like. They are so sweet and make me adore love stories. x

  6. that was very cute and clever! i liked it a lot! :)


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