May 9, 2011

what makes me happy #2

Isn't it obvious that I am a cat person? I am spoiled, I am lazy... and I am cute (yes, what?) hahaha... For me, adopting my Tiger the moment I saw him in my uni cafeteria is one of the most random things ever happened to me. I mean, I know for sure that my mom disliked cats, and my dad was never cared about them. I hid him in my room the first day I adopted him because I know my mom wouldn't agree.

And I was right.

There were countless time mom threatened me to kick Tiger out of the house because he was so naughty and untrained. Thank goodness he was cute enough so he stayed. There's something about him (I believe it's the sickeningly cute pleading eyes) that knock your heart and touch the soft spot there. No matter how many times Mom got angry because of him, those many times she forgives him.

Now? Mom and Tiger are best buddies. She still don't like it when Tiger sleeps on her sofa, because it's hers. But that's also Tiger favorite spot. So when mom isn't around he would be the king. LOL. It's actually cute how Tiger was the first thing she'll look for when she gets home from work. 

No matter what he's doing; hunting caterpillar ( he thinks he's a real Tiger and the caterpillar is a zebra, let him be), sleeps on my laptop, or anything, once he heard Mom's car, he'll stop and run to pick her up. By all ways and means, if he thinks I takes too long opening the door, he'll jump from the window. Isn't that the cutest? :D

ps. Tiger is now sick, he doesn't want to eat and I'm not sure why T__T anyone of you knows what to do about it?

another obvious fact. I mean, yes, that's what I chose to do for living, there's no way I can love anything more than spending my days drawing (or looking at other's drawing). Anything drawing-related makes me happy, and recharged.

deviantart and weheartit are on my top list. I love getting inspirations from them. Sometimes, I just sit around, listening to a music, and BAM! an idea pop up. When it does, there's nothing can stop me from making it come true.

There are times (countless times), I can't put what I have in mind to the paper. No matter how hard I try, the images I draw is nothing close to what I have in my brain. That's okay, though. It gives me hope of learning more, so someday I can really make it come true.

People ask me where did I got my ideas. I say, it's from the heart. Maybe it's just me, I believe I'm a totally feeling-based person. When I'm in love, it's gonna be all pink and hearts. When I'm heartbroken, the longing and the sadness are gonna be put obviously in the drawing.

One thing for sure, I am thankful that I am what I am. It makes me an honest person. I may not say it out loud, but I find another media to scream it to you all. So, there's no bottled feeling.


  1. and we love who you are! :) Tiger sounds like a cutie and i'm glad he won over your moms heart, they sound like bff's now! hehe! i've never had a cat so i can't help you with your question but have you brought him to the vet yet? OR google is your best friend when it comes to q's like that. hehe!

    Keep drawing Tiara!You have a real talent and don't stop using b/c it's an inspiration to others!

  2. Tiger tried to rob me the other day....(yeah...referring to chat convo and how Tiger chimed in with some 'contribution' of the figures...)

    BUT yup, Tiger sure is cute, that's why Tiger gets away with so much.

    AND you're talented SO keep drawing!

  3. woww, proud of you little Tiara. ure such one of my favorite writers. keep writing, drawing, smiling and sparkling as always..


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