May 7, 2011

what makes me happy #1


an apple a day keeps the doctor away might be true after all. I mean, you're stronger when you're happy, right? I believe so. Apple never fails me, be it apple pie, apple juice or just the fruit. 

Even peeling apples makes me happy. 

Dad always ask me to peel apples for him, almost everyday. He's an avid apple fans too, I guess. So other than just using knife to strip off its skin, peeling apple for me has a new different meaning. It's like a form of a bonding between me and my daddy, which makes me love apple even more.

Every time dad asks me to peel an apple (or two, or three) for him I always pout. But then I do it anyway. I love how it gives me time to just sit and think. I, every so often, forget that I need this kind of time. It clears my mind, and as I finished peeling the apple, I'm refreshed.

I love reading so so much. I can spend the whole night just reading anything. Of course it's always fun reading fiction novels, but two days ago I found out that hey! My textbook is just as fun!

Seriously, I must be one of the geekiest girl to find something fun in a textbook filled with curve of market demand and stuff.

I read anything, like for real. Which is one of the reason why I love internet so much. Lots of free, top-notch, inspiring things to read from all around the world. Blogs, random stories, people's confession, projects, forums, even twitter and facebook statuses. practically anything. 

I am always in drought to read more, to read even more. One night I got so scared because I couldn't seem to stop myself from reading while I was sooooo sleepy already. LOL, no worries, I still have the control of myself, I slept after I finished the chapter (and read the next right after I woke up in the morning.)

I love how reading gives me insight of what the writer thinks. It's like a letter from the author, I can either agree or disagree with their thoughts. It's a way of understanding people even more. More so, it inspires me, it gives me time to daydream, it gives me ideas. That's how much I love it.

I plan to make a bookmark using my design, I think it would be lovely (for me) to see my artwork as a reminder where I stopped reading the previous night. Would you love it too? Hmm? *winks*


  1. I love apple too! But why you guys peel it though? I just eat it like that. Or maybe I'm the only weird one that doesn't peel it. *shrugs* I like the crunchy feeling of it with the peel there. After it's already been striped off of its peel, it's not so interesting for me anymore. *shrugs* Random again, LOL!

    And bookmarks! Woohoo! (I was wondering what happened...)

    Good luck with your courses!

  2. I don't usually peel my apples. But I always slice them up and usually dip them in brown sugar and cinnamon.

    BOOKS are the best

  3. It’s interesting to read about how peeling apple holds a whole new meaning for you about the bond with your dad. I love reading too! Sometimes when I get to the end of a good book, I feel so lost after that, like there’s nothing else for me anymore and my connection to the books has ended there and then. Your blog is really whimsical and I love all the pictures that you choose to represent your words.

  4. Awww so cute!! Love how an apple has magical bonding powers, and I too love books - they make me so happy! Getting to hear your voice the other day also made me very very happy :D

  5. I love apples and books too! I especially love Granny Smith (green tart apples), and Fuji apples. Soooo delicious!

  6. I love reading too, and am so glad that others share this passion too. :)


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