Oct 21, 2010

Notice something different?

I am sure you all do, well… except if this is your first visit here ;) if so, welcome!

I’ve been wanting to change my layout to three rows one because well… this way I can put up more links and advertisement in the future (maybe). So today I made it, yayness!

Anyway, life has been busy and I love it :) I’m starting to working on my business, which is still a secret for you all here now just because I don’t wanna jinx it, haha… I promise after everything is settled, I’ll tell you all! (like of course since I’m so much of a show off person lol)

Been meeting lots of new and old friends, talking to many people and do funs tuff, well… okay, some of them aren’t so fun but heck… I’ve learnt from one guy that sometimes you win, sometimes you… learn.

Isn’t the thought lovely? We never lose, never ever :D

Remember the old friend? Yeah yeah… the one I fell for long time ago? The one I confessed my love to early this year? Mm hmm… We’re having a project together now, I hope this will turns out well. Nothing romantic included, though.

He’s like a bigger brother already for me, hahaha… this is cute how we can still get so close. I think he’s pretty much matured, especially compared to Le Boy (in which I gotta say doesn’t realize that he’s still childish). Anyway, who am I to judge.

And… I know this new layout still look pretty messy but I’ve got some few things to be done today so I gotta go now, promise I’ll fix it soon. So if you have any suggestion, just poke me in the comment box and tell me which one is not pleasing in your eyes alright? :)

Oh, and one more thing! If you’re an entrepreneur, has your own business, if you don’t mind, do tell me some tips and tricks because that’s what I’m doing right now, and because I’m still beginner… I’d love to learn more, please? :D

Wish me luck today, big things are coming my way, I hope I can catch them! :D



  1. Good luck with your ongoing projects!

  2. I like this new layout :) Oooh a new business plan sounds exciting! I'm sure Kym will be happy to help you :) Wishing you lots of luck Tiara! ♥♥

  3. excited to hear about your new plan!!! Like the new layout!

  4. Not knowing what is all about, wish you the best! Tell me when you think it's high time to "show off"! Can't wait. This layout seems just fine with me. Have a nice weekend with your matured friend.

  5. Definitely wishing you lots of luck, so excited to hear about what's happening! Especially with this project with that old friend of yours ... awwh, such memories there! I know you want to be secretive but I really hope these new business-type things have to do with more artwork, 'cause I'd love to see more from you!

  6. hey ms smartie (just read your comment. ;P)

    woohoooo! i love hearing about ppl doing big things... if you ever need any tips/tricks/advice, just email me... i'm always happy to help :)

  7. Hey girl, good luck today~!
    PS Love your blog!
    Sophia Caris


  8. What project? this sounds serious :)

  9. wish you luck! Love the quote Sometimes you win sometimes you learn! Very wise!

  10. Sounds wonderful. I really hope everything goes well for your! A good and positive outlook is always great.


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