Oct 9, 2010

DAY 1 - Photo of Yourself & Description of Your Day

Anyone notice bloger has been quite quiet lately? I mean, it’s not only me who’s slacking, right? Haha… Anyway, I miss this blogsphere since forever, I just don’t know what to talk about and I will probably go on and off the blogsphere again if it continues.

So I decided to follow Kym’s path to blog everyday doing this challenge of 30 days blogging. I am not so good in keeping things like this up but I will try my best, really! *cross fingers* so let’s start!

DAY 1 - Photo of Yourself & Description of Your Day

_1070775small(well… I can’t find a proper picture of myself, lol)

My day? Well, it’s still early in the morning so nothing much happened (yet), but I have some plans to do in my to-do list, like cooking and baking and hanging out with my highschool friends and going to the stationery shop to find a fabric marker.

Sounds like a great idea, non? I am pretty much mobilized now that my parents bought me a motorcycle I (finally) asked. Say, motorcycle isn’t my favorite vehicle, plus I am lack of balance (lol) but I have to admit that it makes me feel pretty isolated not to have one. Sure there are lots of public transportation and friends to always fetch me, problem is, my house is like so far far away from theirs, they’re okay with it, but I am not, it almost feels like I’m a bother.

In all honesty it was le boy (or le ex now? lol) who made me realize that I need to stop asking people to take me home (because when we’re hanging out, me and him, it’ll be until midnight and there are no public transportation nor he would let me if there’s one) and his house is like miles away from mine, he’s far in the north and mine’s way down in the south, hahaha… opposites attract?

AND I’ve promised myself to never ask my parents to buy me a car because I will buy mine myself. They have been asking if I want a motorcycle since centuries ago but I always answered no, lol. Just because I don’t like it. Hehe…

At last, I found this little scooter-like scoopy, I fell in love and alright, “Mom, dad, I want that one…” hahaha… me asking a motorcycle was a weird thing, so they agreed.

Mine is the classic white one. and I think it matches this blog very well, no? haha…

Alright, see ya later in the 2nd day challenge! ;)


  1. lol. scooter is like so italian/french!!! so yay, you! hohoho

  2. Sooo cute! That is so cool Tiara, you should post a photo of you riding it! LOL I cannot ride one as I don't even know how to ride a bike x_x By the way, good luck on doing this challenge! ;D

  3. wahhh the pink motorcycle is so cute! my parents actually bought my sister and I a car to share but I hate driving so guess who got their permanent licence first? yup....my sis while Im still stuck with my N BUT im okay with that....even maybe for the rest of my life hahaha!

  4. Blogger's definitely been empty lately. You know that when your comments fall from 20 to 2 and when the posts on your dash have all been read :P

  5. oh love the classic white!! that's so nice your parents did that for you!!

  6. ahhhhh!!!! i'm like so jealous of you right now!!!! :[ i want one too. i don't want a carr either! lol.

    anyway, i'm excited to read more of your entries for your 30 day challenge! you have been a bit MIA here lately. so come back!

  7. I AM SO FREAKING JEALOUS THAT YOU HAVE A SCOOTER! I've wanted a vespa for the longest time but everyone keeps saying I'll be killed in one ... nonsense LOL. But yes, I echo Krissy's request - a picture of you riding it, pleeeease!

  8. Hey I like the Retro Pink one! Hehehe =)


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