Oct 15, 2010

Is it the 5th day or the 6th?

LOL. SO I am losing track of time, haha… I’ll do both in one post then… hahaha… 

The 5th challenge is to post a picture of myself 2 years ago, so here it comes… 

this is me two years ago… 

this is me now… 

I don’t think I grow up THAT much… hmm… I even think I de-grow, lol xD

Alright, the 6th day challenge is PHOTO OF AN ANIMAL YOU WANT TO KEEP AS A PET

Easy peasy, of course it’s a PANDA!!! :P



  1. I also don't think you've grown at all! Still the same littletiara <3

    And oooh cute pandas!

  2. hahahaha. panda ahahahah. i'd love to keep them as pets too. but i was being told by some people that pandas are the laziest and they very unsexual ahahahha.

    don't ask.

  3. I think you get cuter with age ;) does that sound creepy? lol And I hope one day you get to have a panda ... or at least meet one real up close!!


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