Nov 1, 2010

bad mood go away! Shoo shoo!


I really don’t like it when I’m feeling pessimistic, and lately, that’s what’s happening to me. I think and think and think and at one point, I can’t help but feeling afraid.

What if the business I’m going to do isn’t succeeded? What if it meets lots of obstacles I can’t handle? What if people don’t like it? What if I can’t find another boy and stuck on Le Boy? What if it takes me too long to get over him and I’ll be too late and every single boy is taken and I got none?

For those in happier mood, this post must be ridiculous, I know.

Blame the whole day out, spending time in the city completing the preparation for the business; getting back home very late at night on my scooter and the rain fell so suddenly I got home all drenched.

Ah… I hope this bad mood can go far far far away all the soonest! I do enjoy all the business talk, but I do miss hanging out with my friends chatting and just gossiping.

and of course, I miss spending time with Le Boy. Well I do, as we are now business partners, but the whole thing feels different. We’re good and everything’s okay between us, I just hate the fact that sometimes I still act stupid in front of him like I used to and he will laugh at me and that… feels quite nostalgic, except that maybe he now thinks I am really stupid instead of cute and funny.

ps. Yes, I am now business partners with both Le Boy and The Best Friend, how cool that is? Lol. I just can't let them go far from me, huh? And hopefully, vice versa :P

pps. On a quite different note, Abby is holding her first giveaway! She's giving away very irresistible Givenchy, no worries! This giveaway is open world wide! :D Now, if I win this, I'm sure the bad mood will go instantly, lol :P

Here are the rules (Copy-pasted from Abby's blog):

1. Follow her blog
2. Post about this giveaway
3. Leave a comment in her giveaway post with your link and email address

Easy peasy, no? ;)


  1. Awww...hey sweetie. I hope you get out of the bad mood funk soon. Sending you some virtual hugs and positive vibes. Mwahugz!

  2. HUGS

    like the new layout. Your an amazing girl things get better

  3. we all have those days, cheer up tiarararara!! :D i am so excited about your business planning - don't worry, many more days of doubting and questioning will come, especially when you're in business. Did you already tell us what this business is? did i totally miss it? i wanna know!!! hehe!

  4. Oh dear, you're business partners with them? Oh wow, lol - sounds like a chick flick plot, hahaha. But don't worry, there will always be fish in the sea. You'll catch the right one when the season is right! :)

  5. Aww Tiara, we all have these days, as what Kym said. Now let me help you in shooing those bad vibes away :)

  6. 80% of the worries in life are unfound, Little Tiara.

    The more we procrastinate and worry, the less we will achieve.

    Sometimes it helps to be a little rash and just do it. Don't over-think and end up doing nothing.


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