Nov 15, 2010

projects projects!

Oh my dear! Here I am for real! Haha… Okay, I know I’ve been missing in action for like.. I don’t know… I just couldn’t find time to update until today :) what? You want to know where was I? Okay, I’ve been doing some projects with my friends and cousins. Here are some of the major project I did/been doing:

1. Project JUNKtion.
status: done (for now, maybe continued later)
partner: The Best Friend

There was a business competition and the Best Friend asked me to be his partner in this, what we had to do is to make a business proposal, so the project is all about junks and garbage, we collect and recycle them, make a place for those junks and people to learn more about them. That’s the idea.

We didn’t win the competition, though, so the project stopped (lol) but later if there’s another business proposal competition, we’ll join in again, haha! I had fun doing this project, really. We visited the landfills (which, as expected, is SO smelly) and for once, I saw those junks and garbage as hills and hills of money, haha! ($.$)

2. Project handmade
status: ongoing
partner: me, myself and I

My favorite project so far, although I’ve yet to make money from it, hahaha :P. So few weeks ago I found this fabric marker and my brain instantly worked on “OHISHOULDMAKESOMETHINGOUTOFIT!” Haha… so here goes… my little creation (which maybe I’ll sell later? Who knows? :P)

So I learnt to sew, and draw on fabric (harder than I thought, but fun!) and ta-daah! Here' goes little plushies I made! :D

14112010043 14112010041
My favorite I don’t know why, haha… it looks like a painting little plushie

 14112010033 14112010048 
This little red heart makes me run out of the red ink, lol. I should’ve thought about it earlier, lol. But I love it anyway :)

 14112010036 14112010035
I tried to make a plushie of my friend, lol. Not bad, I guess… hoho…

 14112010046  14112010045
it’s… uhm… something, I’m not really sure what, hahaha… so random!

3. Project writing
Status: ongoing
Partner: A college friend

From a chat once upon a time, we came up with an idea to write stories together. We are two very different people, and we thought it would be really fun to write about something from our perspectives.

unluckily, this project is in Indonesian so most of you couldn’t enjoy it (yet), but maybe later we’ll make the english version of it, who knows?  ;)

We’ve agreed to make a themed stories every couple of days, and just by seeing our writing we could see just how different our way of thinking and perspectives are :) FUN FUN FUN!

4. Project ‘a place to eat’
Status: ongoing
Partner: My cousins, Le Boy

Remember I wanted to make a little cakery? Or cafe? Okay, so I think I’m steps closer to make them, I started off with little place to eat and hang out. We (me and my cousins) rented a place and now is in our way to open it soon! :D

look what I’ve made! it’s kinda big, non?

and Le Boy is helping by being the architectural consultant here,  hohoho... (nice excuse for us to meet, no? :P)

Me, being so focused drawing, Ohohoho… the artist is on the run! So I hand-painted all the details, in this room! :D I am kinda proud of it!

and here is the completed tree in one of the side of the room! :D

12112010What do you think? What do you think? What do you think?

Ahh… I’m so excited with all these projects going on, I know people been telling me to focus on only one but I think it’s just this much Le Boy affected me, I couldn’t stop finding things to do and I still feel like I haven’t done much! WOW. Haha… I feel like trying to do everything!

So wish me luck with all these projects! :D Oh the future is today!


  1. wew, such a wonderful, see my little sizt doin great job in here. go on sizt. my pray 4 u... alles les francais! hehehe

  2. Oh, my, you're such a entrepreneur!Every project sounds good. Especially the last one sounds so exciting. I can't wait to see the opening day. And the project handmade, how cute they are!

  3. you're building the place already? So fast! Must be great to do something you really like. Good luck with the cafe, and other projects ;)

  4. sometimes i wish i had the courage to do what i want just like u. i suppose once my "real" job settles down, hopefully i might get an early retirement and/or change of heart at 40-ish and realise my projects =p

  5. OMG that is sooo exciting!!! I can't believe your opening your own little cafe!! I love the art on the wall its beautiful!! And your project fabric maker! That is pretty neat!! Good luck with all your projects!! Have fun, and I would totally come to your cafe if I could

  6. OH MY WORD... The wall looks amazing tiara! When i have children I'm going to fly you to America and paint my nursery! Your talent is quite amazing and unique... I'm guessing you do this on your free time. Anyway, I can't help but gasp and drool at your work. AND the pillows are adorable themselves. I like the tree the little girl. I really think you can make money doing these.

    Wait... When you say "The Best Friend" do you mean the boy that you had a crush on before? Too bad that you guys didn't win. But the good part is that you had fun, and that's all what matters.

  7. Lady, these are amazing! LOVE the wall!!!

  8. OHMYGOSH THIS IS AMAZING TIARA!!! So that's the reason why you've been missing? Seeing the fruits of that, I gotta say I forgive you! :D

    The plushies are very nice, and you know how much I love plushies right?? And that wall, so lovely! I'd love to see that in person! :D

  9. Glad you are keeping yourself busy with all these lovely projects. Your plushies are very very sweet.

    And I like the painting you did! It's really awesome!

    P.S. Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  10. omgd LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree painting on the wall!!!! lots of projects to keep you going & happy is the WAY to live :)

  11. my my my... look at you little miss entrepreneur with all your projects! i am so PROUD and HAPPY for you tiara, seriously!!!! doing what you love is so rewarding :) you should definitely look into selling your plushies... online! people would love them. and how did you learn to sew? i've been wanting to learn for a while now... i just have to find an old second hand sewing machine to start learning away! :) also - THAT WALL??? Freakin' amazing.

  12. Wow! Cool stuff! :)


  13. THe paint is so beautiful. Seriously. I wish you could paint my room.

    Anyway, love reading your blogs, sure I'll be you new fan


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