Dec 3, 2010

Ah! I hate the fact that I got a little bit too busy and everyone else in the blogsphere are too! I mean... the bloggy world seems to be a little silent lately (or is it just me not checking up?)

So, what's the news?

1. The little cafe/place to eat (I still can't find a suitable word to define this, lol) had opened! I will make a special post about it later, with all the details, promise! :D

2. I recently was involved in an accident, little one, thankfully. I am okay, I think, only few scratches which would not be lovely to post here :P all in all, no worries, I am fine.

Thing is, after I got into this accident, few hours later Le Boy was too. Things are a little bit worse on him, and now I'm hoping he's alright :( I haven't contacted him again but maybe I should soon and pay him a visit bringing cream soup and his favorite ice cream, maybe. Heheh.

3. Hmmm... what else to write here? I need to apologize for not being around. All the works consume me and my time :( as fun as it is, I still miss hanging out with my friends doing nothing, only gosipping and all...but everyone grows up and everything changes, I guess. :)

4. How do you like the new layout? It's FAR simpler than the simplest last one. lol.


  1. I totally hear ya about being busy and the bloggy world being a bit quieter lately ... but as long as they're good things keeping you busy, not bad (so glad you're OK from the accident and I hope Le Boy will recover well too)! Can't wait to hear more about the cafe, and I hope you get to just 'chill' and be with friends soon, too. Miss you lots *HUGS*

  2. I just have the same situation. I totally understand how you feel. I can wait until you have time to blog. But as for the accident, I'm sorry to hear that. Was it really all right with you? Be careful. Maybe you're too busy.

  3. oh I hope your alright and Le Boy is alright. Accidents are scary. Can't wait for the details on your little cafe!

  4. I love the new layout, and I think everyone is pretty busy, I know I have been. :)

    Also, hope you are having a great holiday. Stop by my Blog for a chance to win some of my favorite things!

  5. I'm glad you're okay! And a new cafe sounds lovely :) I could use one of those around here!

  6. I hope you and your BF are fine.
    I want to see the little cafe pleeease! :D

  7. I love the layout Tiara! I can never make my blog's layout simple enough x_x

    Oh no what happened? I hope you and Le Boy are okay.

    And more details about the cafe, please? I hope I can visit someday :)

  8. Another new layout sweetie?! I'm jealous. I know, these ber months are definitely busy months for most everyone. I have been busy too and can only blog once a week. Oh I hope life gets back to regular programming soon. I hope you are ok. Take care sweetie!

  9. I like the new layout. It's simple and cool! How's everything around you?

  10. New layout?Sweet! I also have a new mineral lipstick and I really love it.

  11. I like the layout, simple yet chic. Suits you :)


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