Dec 29, 2010

Kaleidoscope Heart

I can hardly believe it’s 30th of December already. How fast time flies really, just how… fast? It’s scary, really scary thinking about it. What if the moment I wake up tomorrow I’m already 27 year old? I mean, time surely feels fly that fast.

Okay, so instead of dwelling on how fast it flies, I’ll just embrace it, and do things I can do like we all have to do, right? Now… time for little flashback…

I started 2010 with… let’s see… Here are the highlights.

January 2010 - confessing my love to the best friend


A really good friend, a brother, a partner in crime business partner :) I’m glad I did. I’m glad to let him know what I feel, I’m glad I was brave enough to do that, one big leap, really. I never thought I would but hey, I did!

February 2010 - fell in love with another guy

Remember I spent times in the village? I found a new object of my affection there, one day I realized, I’ve moved on; I’ve fallen for this guy. Our mutual friends found this blog and my writing, it forced me to tell him how I felt. We spent some good time, not last that long, though. Another guy came and stole my heart.

March 2010 – One of the most wonderful birthday, ever! :D
Spent it with my closest friends, partying all night (yeah, I didn’t post any picture here… I forgot to bring the cam). Got lots, heaps and heaps of presents. Yayness!

April 2010 - fell for (yet) another guy


A high school friend suddenly came to my life, made me fall for him in no time :) and it’s quite sad to say I left the guy I fell for in February just like that. Maybe because he took too long to do anything, idk.

May 2010 – became lovers, officially


What to explain here? I fell so hard, so so so hard. Spent my night sleepless finishing my thesis but that’s okay because I had Le Boy. Days were filled with so much texting, hehe :)

June 2010 – Encountered some problems with old friends
I annoyed my friend, she proclaimed it to me. I was so down and sad and broke and all. Le Boy was around but I ruined his birthday with my old-sad-face. I still feel guilty thinking about it now but well… that was long time ago.

August 2010 – Graduated
along with that, I fought multiple times with Le Boy. Had little breakup, got back together, talked things out. Oh, and I talked to my friend (the one I annoyed on June) and we got back normal again :)

September 2010 – We broke up, for real
Just when our friends found out that we were together, we actually separated. That was actually awkward.

October 2010 – Worked hard for a little cafe
I spent the whole month looking for an ideal place, it took me the whole month.

November 2010 – Opened the little cafe
After long, I finally opened the cafe. Say, this was one long stressful month. Like seriously, I couldn’t really get a god sleep. My brain couldn’t stop thinking. There was this really heavy pressure I felt I didn’t know why. It shouldn’t be there but it was.

December 2010 – Closed the cafe
Yeah, It was opened on 21st November and closed on… I don’t know, I don’t want to care. In all honesty, there was a weird sensation I felt, like the burden had finally gone, lifted away. I was sad it was closed but then maybe that was for the best.

Ah… 2010, I’ve done so much, I’ve learnt so much, thank you for all the bitter and the sweet, the lesson and the pain. 2011, what you’ve got? I’ll take it all. Bring it on!! Well, okay… 2011, welcome :)

nikolett reminded me that I missed July, hahaha! My gosh, how could I do that? Okay, so...

July 2010 - I finished my thesis and passed the final exam.
Nothing much really happened, though. Hehehe... maybe that's why I forgot to type it down. :P


  1. you really have so much up and down this year, it's ok, it makes your life colorful. Wish you have a great year ahead, be happy :)

  2. you're twenty seven freaking years old?! sayyyyy wahh?! i thought you were sixteen!!!! O_O nooo!!! nooooo... i can't believe it. girl you got good genes!


    anyway, you opened up a cafe and you had to close it :{ welll.... there's better lucks next time yah know!!!!

    and gosh... heart breaks are always tragic. there's always gonna be a guy out there for you! keep your head up girl!

  3. *HUGS* The first thing I noticed was that you skipped the month of July, but most of all I noticed how strong you are ... you go through ups and downs but you still keep on going on. I really hope next year's recap will be full of many more ":)" faces.

    I was gonna do a recap too, but with a ton of pictures instead lol. Kind of like your idea -- a few pictures but mostly thoughts. Definitely feel this year has gone by too fast ... we can feel old together at 27, okie? ;_; *HUGS AGAIN*

  4. lol. happy new year, tiara!

    hope next year will bring both of us more boys! :p

  5. Happy New Year!!
    We wish you a joyful life
    full of healthy, happiness and pleasure :)

    Hugs Love Anya

    Kareltje =^.^=

    Betsie =(^.^)=

  6. 2010 was such a great year for you. welcome 2011 with new hopes and dreams :)

  7. happy new year!! hope 2011 turns out to be everything you needed!

  8. OH, I haven't made a greeting to you yet!?
    Happy New Year! You've just started your real life after your academic years. There must be lots of good things. Best wishes!

  9. Wow, what a crazy, hectic, full-on year! Here's to a fabulous 2011!

  10. where you at miss tiarawrrrr???? :)


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