Apr 23, 2010

Me and My Twitter

This is so random that I’m talking about my twitter but hey! I’m in the mood for a celebration so let’s celebrate my 10,000th twit! Yes I’m that talkative! Hahaha…

The one introduced me to twitter was Nanette, I used it to stay in contact with my girl friends, a place we can gossip as we wished because everyone was too busy with their facebook accounts and statuses, yeah whatever, lol.

Twitter became one of my favorite site ever since, and due to my talkativeness, apparently 140 characters is never enough, even when you multiply it to 10,000, lol.

anyway, twitter has become the place where I rant, show my inner feeling (although sometimes through vague/ ambiguous sentences) to the world, I think I should make my twitter a book, that’s how you can read me and follow my adventure of feelings and mood swings (that, if reading this blog isn’t enough for you, lol)

So throws the confetti, turn on the music and get the party started (courtesy of Pink, I believe, lol) because here we are celebrating my 10,000th twit!

Man… what a useless post, lol.

picture credit to me, of course, haha.


  1. NEVER a useless post when it's you, Tiara :) Did you draw that pink twitter bird yourself? 'Cause I think it's adorable and I love the crown haha. And we have the same amount of followers! LOL

    I could never grow tired of your tweets, wish they were 200 characters or something, though hehe.

  2. omg that is a lot of tweets~!

  3. You're the Twitter Queen! Congratulations! :D

    I have had my Twitter account for over a year now but only recently became active on it because of you my blogfriends :)

  4. Wow that's an insanely big number for Twitter. CONGRATS! :D

  5. Women are born to be the talkative! :D

  6. dang girl! you twit a LOT!
    i still miss you on facebook though.

    i was thinking of getting rid of it, but that's the only way i communicate with other people :[ besides my cellphone.


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