Apr 4, 2010


This is annoying but i have no control at all regarding this stuff, some sites are blocked from my house's internet, including blogger. I can swim through the blogsphere but i can't comment because i'm not able to sign in to blogger (or even my gmail account).

I don't know how long it'll lasts, i hope it's temporary, but for now find me at my wordpress (which luckily isn't blocked):

i've imported all my belongings here to the new place, although i'm still trying to familiarize myself, i hope i won't lose any of my reader, though i know that's kind of an inevitable effect.

Darn, this is sucks.


  1. :( That's so weird that your internet is doing that ... is there someway that you can change what things you can access, or is that something your parents/the provider does? I hope you'll be able to work it out ... and a lot of people recently have converted to Wordpress, I know I'll follow you there! *HUGS*

  2. Maybe some settings were changed? Or maybe you can ask some assistance from your Internet provider? I miss you :(

  3. That is horrible! :(
    Hope it gets okay soon..

  4. I do hope the trouble was gone after some interval. See, sometime it's beyond our control. It must be so frustrating, but I'll find you anyway.

  5. Hey sweetie. I hope the problem gets fixed soon. I'm going over to your wordpress blog now and I'll add that to my follow list. I have a wordpress account now too. =)


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