Mar 27, 2010

Hot guys time

To release myself from the stress I am suffering, I decided to go around (as if I hadn’t do it too much already), so in this post, I won’t talk about any thesis related stuff (oh, yeah right, I just did). 

Some may notice that I don’t talk much about celebrities, well… honestly because I don’t know much about them. Sure I watch a TV series or two (like HEROES) and fangirling over the eye candies (like Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto) but so far those were all in this blog. 

So today I think I should share you one more of my favorite boys (despite the few), oh, Imma give you two because I love them more when they are together. Guess who?
This is the part where people start screaming so scream girls!



How can I not fall for him? He’s hot, talented… oh my, it’s beyond my words to explain him. 

What can I ask for more? Oh sure thing… 

It’s gonna be Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. 

I LOVE this duo.
tumblr_kyvc2hXXVn1qae5zjo1_250 (1)

tumblr_kyxn3jpcaX1qbpr6oo1_400  Alice in Wonderland ultimate fan event Hollywood   tumblr_kyazpsVfcT1qae5zjo1_400   

I love each and every one of Burton’s movies, for someone who never really pays for a movie ticket I do quite amazing when it comes to his film, and I love the fact that he’s teaming up with Depp. LOVELY! Hahaha… And of all their collab, I gotta say Willy Wonka is my all time favorite. WINNER! 


PS. I LOVE Burton’s messy hair. lol.

picture credits: fuckyeahjohnnydepp


  1. I LOVE those pics of Johnny Depp! He is so gorgeous!

  2. Johnny Depp is just so awesome. If he asks me to marry him I would do in a hearbeat! :D Sweeney Todd is my favorite movie of them :)

  3. Ooo, very nice distraction Tiara, I approve ;) teehee. I gotta say, "Willy Wonka" scared me WAY too much, I have no clue why but I got the major creepers from that film. But I adore Johnny Depp - in Pirates especially, but I think I first fell for him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, for sure.

    Hope you're FIGHTING well! <3

  4. loving the Johnny Depp pictures and Tim Burton is totally amazing :) xx

  5. Love Johnny Depp too. I love the movies he does with Tim Burton. They're so quirky and unique.
    I love him in Pirates especially. But I like him regardless :)

  6. The Depp is rather gorgeous isn't he. *sighs*

  7. He's an amazing actor too~! :)

  8. johnny is very hot. and i love him with tim burton! they are great!

  9. HANDS OFF!!! Johnny's mine! MINE MINE MINE!!!

    ...but oh well, since it's you and i like you so much, i think i can share him ;)

  10. uhh what a babe...and super talented. this is such a distraction from your studies haha...

  11. oh man johnny depp is one sexy live man! i absolutely LOVE his shows and movies from 21 jump street to sweetney todd. he's just gorgeous and such a talented man!! ahh yes doing the girly scream here AHHH lol

  12. i thought this was a hot boys post... tim burton is NOT hot! hahaha! but well johnny depp is another story! ;P you're right though... they make a great team together!

  13. i don"t know what it is about johnny depp that mkaes me just ahhhh but youre so right he is hot !

  14. johnny w a cig makes me happy :) :)

  15. Honestly strange but the more twisted and weird Johnny looks the more attracted I become to him... Yikes.


    Hannah Katy

  16. ahhh i think thats why i hate being a student :[ the stress is horrible! :[

  17. I'm in love eith jhonny Depp! He's so gorgeaous and talented! I love all the movies by Tim Button, very creative

  18. Johnny Depp is a great actor. Underrated as a serious actor though... I'd place him in Pacino and Deniro's category.


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