Mar 5, 2010

Artsy much?

Okay, I’ve tried my very best not to talk about him but it just seems like I can’t stop *sigh* yet.

If you haven’t already, I just did a guest blogging for my dear bloggy friend; Nikolett, go check it out :D ah well wait, go check it out if you aren’t bored with my story regarding the new boy, okay?

If there’s one similar thing about me and him, it’s the artsy side. He does draw too, and yesterday, when we chatted, he out of nowhere asked me if I want to help me paint his room. That was random, he just woke up, and stared at his room and ta-daah… he got the idea to re-paint it.

So of course I said yes, I didn’t even know if that was a right thing to do, I mean, that’d be awkward if one of our friends found me and him in his room painting. Right?

But I did it anyway.

We made the color ourselves (well, more likely, he made them himself), we got the green from blue+yellow, orange from yellow and red and baby blue from blue and white. That was really creative, I think because we only had yellow , white, blue and red and we could make so many colors out of them, not to mention shades.

The first wall done, it was just so random, I mean, he’s a guy on his 2o++ and what is it? A sunny day as his room’s background? And you no doubt, notice the oh so flowery field too.

Wait, before you accused me of doing something I didn't do, the flowers was his idea. He draw the green field yesterday when he woke up and in his text message he wrote to me, "would you want to draw the flowers?". See... He even painted some of the flowers too.

The sun was my doing, that’s why it’s not so circle, lololol.

Originally I thought we were just going to paint one side of the wall, but… seeing so many paints and colors available, I we just couldn’t help ourselves. This starry wall was my idea, because his original color was dark blue. I really like this one, simple but yeah, nice :)

This is just so… random I guess, we were running out of ideas already, lol. In the end we just used our palm to make some fun palm-painted wall. lol

My favorite, too bad I couldn’t take a full view of it, it’s a tree in the middle of the wall. And all those green leaves were made using our fingers, so we dipped our fingers on to the paint and had (too much) fun of it :D you all should try it too. lol. And the originally dark blue room was specially painted yellow for this side. Just because. lololol.

The image quality aren’t so good, huh? Let me explain, lol. It was night already, not much lightning and taken by his phone. Maybe later I should visit him again and take a better picture, lol. I just want to show them off. I’m pretty proud of what I’ve made today :D

We started at about five and when we finished, oh! It was nine already! Time flies really fast when we have fun, eh?

Now, if only writing thesis is as easy and fun.


  1. Aww, your last sentence made me smile because I feel the same way haha. But girl ... can I hire you to paint MY bedroom? I love how bright you made it, and I love how a guy doesn't mind having a wall covered in flowers and trees and stars ... shows he's not afraid to have a lil' imagination. These walls are adorable, and nope, I'm not sick of hearing about him ;)

  2. i loooove this. the handprints and the fingerprints are especially lovely. you are so nice to be such a good friend. keep it up lovely lady!! you're great and the painting is so inspiring!

  3. Ohmigoodness, this is awesome! What a fun time, a day of painting! Makes me wanna paint a room with Brian. LoVe it!

  4. Bonding over Art, I LOVE it!!

  5. Isn't this exciting!!! Amazing! This is definitely the event beyond my ability. I'm so happy to know that you really really enjoy this!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Amazing!!!:) hope this works out.


  8. Oh I love it!! Looks great!!

  9. WOOOOO! maybe you should take over my blog since you're the creative one here! haha! i love it! and i'm jealous of your ink mixing skillz.. i really suck at it. =S

  10. Awww Tiara, that is the sweeeeeeetest!!! :)

  11. tyr...can u really just text me who "This" guy really is..i it the guy come from the olden days..or is it the guy come from the village days..
    u really should tell me..lololololol

  12. Ooooh how fun! I love it. Awww that is the cutest thing you and the boy did together! I love it! <3


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