Mar 17, 2010

Frilly and Flowery

I wanted to post about my birthday surprise here but found no appropriate pic for it, all the pictures taken that day was blur, lol.

So I’ll just tell you that my friends came to my house early in the morning, I was still all wrapped up in my so warm blanket. So you can guess when I met them I was all messy, my eyes were still droopy and such, lol.

That was a nice surprise after all :D

Continued with a large salami pizza with my girls and shopping spree with my mom and dad. Mom said she’ll buy me anything I want, so I was contemplating between high heels, or yet another pair of chuck (yes, I always have this confusion when coming to shoes), guess what? I ended up with this new dress, a pink, flowery one, and frilly! Haha.
 16032010(003) copy 
Isn’t it adorable? Lol.

On another note, I know you notice the formspring widget on my sidebar where you can ask anything to me :) I love your questions, although most of the time it's anonymous. I have no problem with you being anonymous (sometimes I'm curious too, though). So go on and ask me anything, since you can always be anonymous, lol.


  1. That's an adorable dress! So sweet and girly and frilly. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun in it. Go run through a field of wildflowers :)

  2. That dress will look cute on you. Super girly! :)

  3. omg, I love that dress! I'm gonna try hunting for a floral-y spring dress.

    yay for formspring! I'm pretty new to that too.

  4. EEeeeeeeeee that dress is Soooo cute!
    And looks kinda Vintage too ^^

  5. Such a kawaii dress! ^^ So princess-like, like you, hehe.. ;) The lace looks like a wing, don't you think?? ^^

  6. Oh Tiara, that is such a pretty dress!!! I am liking florals this summer and that dress is just perfect :) Post a picture of you wearing it! :)

  7. AH, -such- a gorgeous dress. Like Krissy, I demand photos of you wearing it ... err, I mean, pleeeease with a strawberry on top? :) Glad you had a good surprise and salami pizza sounds delicioussss. And ooo, now I have to think of a good anonymous question for your Formspring, and you'll never know it was me ;)

  8. that dress is absolutely to DIE for. love it!

  9. thats a beautiful dress. i am actually getting into the whole floral pattern for spring and i need to find myself something like this its too cute

  10. its so delicate! i love~! ill email you :)

  11. awww it's a nice dress, so you :D


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