Mar 18, 2010

Do the Doodle

I’m here to show off! lol.

I found this old doodles, I remember I made it when I came to campus way too early for my class, but I was bored at home, apparently bored at campus too, so I did the doodling.

I love doodling, it release the stress, or the boredom.

img00small1there’s one kind of ‘out of place’ cat, lol, so I deleted it, and colored the rest.

img001 copysmall

Looking at this always makes me confused, it feels like I have no specific style *sigh*, you can see how different it is from my previous artworks, like these ones...

sleeptight   hotairballoon

and when people ask me to draw and paint using hands, it’ll turn out even more different. I found this first attempt on using water color (which I’m never good at).

img002small   img04small

And today, I found my old oil paint, I never know how to properly use it, so I just put some on my finger and smear it on the paper, lol.

imgs001total first-timer. 

I think I made a punk-ish fairy with red hair, she finally came back to the forest after tanning at the beach during summer. lol, look how tanned she is! (I couldn’t find the yellow/cream paint, that explains it, lol).

I think I'm an artist without direction :|


  1. I really wish I have half the talent in art as you have, Tiara!

    And lol at the description of the fairy :D

    PS: I'll make a video if you guys make one too, hah! :D

  2. Wowww, love your art! :)
    And the cat was so cute :P heehee.
    And i think it's nice that your art has a diverse range, you're great at both the styles :)
    OMG the fairy is SUPER awesome!!

  3. Okay, so I think you should open an etsy shop (if you have not already). what I'm thinking is I LOVE YOUR ART And you should sell it. And if you had an etsy shop open then "my readers" could choose their fave piece from you for framed art.

    You are very talented and i hope you realize it!!!

  4. Oh I love all your styles. Even though they are all different - they have one thing in common - they are colorful! How pretty!

  5. the doodles are so cute! loving the colours too :)

  6. so cute! You will become a great artist ;)

  7. I love the colour in doodle!! And the "punk-ish fairy with red hair" :)

  8. I think you got style, girl. That's for sure. Like a personal touch, every artist should have one right?:D I vote you sell these :)

  9. Beautiful! Love the colors and style.


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