Mar 24, 2010


I haven't had enough sleep for two days. Say what? I stayed up until 5 in the morning and slept until seven or eight and go on classes (or more likely meet the professor). As scary as it might sound, I'm glad I enjoy it, like I really do. I'm glad I can finally do something for myself.

The bad side, though. I can't really go around the blogsphere and commenting on each of your posts, so sorry if I do missed yours, sometimes even reading is too hard to do. That'd explain much of my absence in the blogsphere. I'll be really active in twitter, though. lol. So sorry if I spam you with my nonsense, especially when you're not indonesian, i twit a lot in indonesian when i'm tired i suppose

By the way, this far, I like my panda eyes, lol.

Wish me luck, lots of it, ladies :D

Tiara FIGHTING! Haha, that's what the korean says ;P or Jia You, according to the chinese (well, mandarin), and of course, COURAGE en france :)

And special request here, can you guys/girls just give me a comment not related with studying/goodluck/this post? Hey, this is a challenge, you can just say anything! Haha...


  1. hope to hear from you soon! (is that good enough for an unrelated comment? :))

  2. Woot, panda eyes! Have you seen "Kung Fu Panda"? Such a good movie. LOL. On the other hand, hope we get to see you around more soon ;) I don't mind the Indonesian tweets, makes me feel like I'm multilingual, teehee.

  3. Just focus on you and getting your work done now! All the blogs will still be around when youre all done!

    I still don't get twitter. I'm not a huge fan. I'm more of a facebook girl. and I'm alright with that

  4. okay, as per your request, here is my comment:

    dane and i 'broke up' last monday. yeah, we had a good cry about it. imagine a 24 year old guy and a 19-ehem-23 year old girl crying. it wasn't lovely. so yeah, we said we'd just be very, very, very good friends and try to lessen the cheesy romantic stuff. but today (i went back to work after my tues-wed rest days) we went to my apartment after work and he said he missed me and we spent hours just cuddling and hugging and... hoooooo boy, so now i'm really, really confuuuuused >.<

  5. Well...I thinking of going furniture shopping tomorrow to get a coffee table. I would really love to get a buffet as well. I'm looking forward to decorating our house all lovely. :) have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Johnny Depp is totally the bomb! That's not related to this post :P


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