Mar 14, 2010

Little secrets special edition

I know I’ve been talking about myself too much, from my daily boring days to whatever happened in my love life, and even what I feel, I think it’s kind of boring but what else should I talk about? I’m a pro about myself, lol.

I have nothing much to talk about, I mean, my life has been pretty normal at last, so I came up to surprise you with some unique things about me, just in case you need more information about me, lol.

1. I love running around the house only in my bathrobe.


I can stay an hour after taking a bath only using my bathrobe and do some house activity, like blogging, or cooking, or whatever. Wait, let me explain, nobody’s in my house and Indonesia’s weather are always too hot for my liking, so bathrobe is a winner! lol.

2. I have this obsession to visit my bloggy friends one by one.


Aka touring around the world mission. I’ll go knock knock on each of your doors and say, “can  I stay in for a night? (or more, lol)”. This will have to start from the nearest one, Claradevi, who lives in the same city as me, I won
‘t stay in her house, though. Followed by Andhari, and then Priscilla Clara (it’s more likely she’ll visit me first, lol), maybe Krissy is in the next line, who knows? lol. If I am to make the list now, it’ll take long because I’ll need world map, lol.

3. I love hiding under the blanket/bedcover.


What’s so not lovely about this? This is why I’m so picky when choosing bedcovers. lol.

4. I have heaps of plushies in my bed.

I at least get one for my every birthday, and I am almost a twenty one year old girl. I think my mom, my friends anyone kept thinking I’m fifteen. It’s okay, though. I love them, well… not as much as I did, but yeah. lol. Not that I mind, it’s just that they’re taking my space too much, lol.

5. Dolls are scary (or more likely, freaky)

148623254_b87d2bf329_large Tumblr_kyfws08cgl1qznnmeo1_500_large

Blame chucky? I know they’re pretty but there’s something about the shiny porcelain/plastic skin, big eyes and all those that makes me shiver looking at them, eww. Maybe because they look so real but at the same time obviously fake? I don’t know.

And by the way, this gallery, is filled with lost of adorable dolls pictures, which I found scary but also beautiful.

I think this post is so unfocused and pointless, lol. I love being random, that’s the 6th!


  1. I don't get bored reading your posts, keep them coming! :)

    One of the perks of having an apartment (with a housemate whose work schedule is opposite with mine) is being able to do chores wearing what you like without fear of being judged. I like watching TV in just a big shirt and boylegs :D

    Oh Tiara you absolutely have to visit me here! I promise I'll take you shopping!! :D

    When I was young I preferred Barbies over plushies as I had LOTS of fun dressing them up. But now I think I prefer plushies more (esp when they're given by other people *ehem*Dane*ehem* so I can hug them when I sleep :)

  2. For my case, I love to do all that you like to before I go to take a shower with my towel on. And, I also very picky in choosing every single thing for my bedroom especially the bedsheet. I don't play doll (not fancy) coz I played ultraman during my childhood.

  3. heck yeah doll are scary! O_O... i wouldn't allow one in my house! but cute stuffed animals is a must! they're just so cute! i sleep hugging a stuffed animal toy with me every night! i named in cuddle.

    oh and bathrobes are so awesome! i wouldn't mind doing that... but thing is ... i don't have any bathrobes. hahaha!

  4. I love bathrobes. They are so comfy to wear. And I used to have a lot of stuffed toys but they got in the way. So only have a few of them now.
    Some dolls scare me but they aren't too bad. I think I hate clowns so much more.

  5. bathrobe huh? as for me i could stay in my pjs all day teehee

  6. Oooh your blog tour sounds fun, heheehe.

    And can you believe that I have never owned a robe?

  7. Aww, you know I love anything you blog about .. it's your blog, so it's meant to be about you for sure! I ... love running around my house naked after a shower. But ONLY if there's no one home haha. And hiding under the blanket/bedcover is always cool :)

    By the way, I would come visit -you- instead of you visiting me on this quest to meet your bloggy-friends. My part of Canada has almost nothing to see LOL <3 you!

  8. haha.. I was smiling when I read this post.. cute! ^^ hmm, maybe I'll visit you first, go go Jogjaaaaa.. v(^_^)v

  9. I totally LOVE plushies, too. And the only dolls that freak me out are the Dora ones. [shudders]

  10. lol not boring at all :P

    I think touring the world visiting blog friends would be amazing to do (if I had the cash for plane tickets lol)

  11. You should visit Vancouver sometime, if you like the crazy all-four-season-in-one-day weather! haha! That sounds like a good idea to visit other blogger around the world. If only I had a bajillion dollars!

    Dolls creep my out too :O I blame both Chuckie and the Goosebump's puppet SLAPPY.


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