Feb 28, 2010

La vie en rose

This is, like I’ve said, scary to write about something uncertain. But I guess I just can’t help it. Now I just need to pray silently none of my friends read this.



So we're gonna talk about Mr. Swept me off my feet?

He is not, let me repeat, not handsome, at all. He isn’t coming from a well-off family either, you may not know but I am kind of a materialistic girl who usually fall for boys in cars. Compared to the best friend, or my other crushes, he is like nothing. But these facts are what drawn me closer to him, if he isn’t handsome, why the hell I like him? How the hell did he make me fall for him without cars or any other bling-blings?

He and I, we are two different people from two very different worlds.

I spent my first (at least) 13 years moving from one big city to another in Indonesia, I never really have childhood friends, my favorite toy had always been the computer and anything technology related.

He? He spent his entire childhood in his little town with his friends, playing kite and feeding cows. His email password is the last thing he would want to remember.

Growing up, I learnt, which later become a habit, to go to malls, beauty salon and some other places where I can spend my money on, and most of all, I am one who keeps my image good. I play nice to everyone, I was taught to and I found nothing wrong with that. I grew up with manners, things like barf, fart and even yawn aren’t supposed to do in public, not even to talk about it.

He, however, is a wild one. He’s an adventurer who had gone visiting one forest to another, discovering some more new caves or beaches, and play hide-and-seek with lions, or some other beasts. When he has nothing to do, he will go rafting. He farts everywhere, and do things as he wants. He rarely take a bath and when he does it will take forever.

See how worlds apart we are?

But I guess what they said is right, opposites attract.

p.s. rereading this, I suddenly realized how short this is. Guess I'm all too smitten to even write more ♥


  1. You don't chose with who you fall in love, that's all I can say.

  2. how fun! my hub and i have VERY different upbringings, but that is what I really really love and appreciate. we've learned that we just have to figure our own family out for ourselves. it's not always comfortable doing it that way- it'd be much easier just doing what we know- but that is one sure reason that i know KNOW that we'll thrive together. we've become a unique couple and each bring something to the table.

    good luck!

  3. case of opposites attract huh? i guess we dont really choose who we fall for

  4. Sounds like you are definitely opposites but that is great. I really hope it all goes well for you and him.

    I think it's lovely that you have found someone else and it seems like you are quite smitten!


  5. Awwww... He sounds fascinating!

    Brian and I are opposites in a lot of ways too, it makes life interesting!

  6. your title confused me. We have a store here called La Vie En Rose. I know what you mean about the manners thing. Mr. and I grew up with very different ideas of manners. It's still taking sometime to get use to.

  7. Aww Tiara, this is so exciting! Tell us more! :)

  8. Funny but that is why people are attracted one another. My husband and I are different in many ways but as far as we can share our differences, it's fun.

  9. It's okay to be different from each other. It adds spice to two people's relationship. And sometimes, you'll be surprised to know that them guys who aren't all-that are the ones who will give you real happiness. Wish you the best Tiara! :)

  10. I agree, opposites really do attract, hope this guy's the right one for you!

  11. what I can say is.. love is blind xD

  12. You guys complement each other! It's okay to be different. I love this post - it made me smile! :)
    good luck!

  13. I love this... it is true, we don't really pick, we just fall. It seems that you are quite in love though. Wishing you all the happiness the world can hold.


    Hannah Katy

  14. I wish that this guy is the last one I thought to be....
    Someone I know?lol

  15. I think one of your friend has read it. He posted that above. I think. lol


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