Feb 24, 2010

Growing Up

I just got myself a new haircut yesterday and took a picture of it using my webcam, and so when I opened the folder, I found the pictures of me these last three years. I couldn’t believe those pictures were taken in three years gap. I am changing, but not really. lol.


Do you see me changing from time to time?

I remember one day my friend came to my house and saw my baby albums, and she said, “how come your face never changes from baby up to now?” lol. She was of course hype things up, I mean, that’s not possible, right? lol.

Anyway, notice that in the pictures my hair is always short? This year I started off aiming to have at least a slightly longer hair, just because I want to know how do I look, and this is the latest picture of me with my hair and new bangs :P


Not bad, I hope. Heheh.

And by the way, growing up isn’t about facial change, right?

This is kind of different and scary to type about but I think I’ve found a… someone new? Well or so I hope.

Why scary to write you ask? Oh isn’t it always scary? Writing about someone you like/love/whatever, admit it, you want them to read it but you’re also afraid if they do really read it, lol.

Anyways, yes. I have found a new object of my affection. The last time I went out with the best friend, all feelings were different. It was still enjoyable and fun, and my heart, oh my dear heart still went boom boom when I saw him from afar, but there was a huge difference I felt I couldn’t fathom what.

And that time, I was sure we were back to be best friends.

The new guy? He had successfully swept me off my feet. Crazy… but ah, whenever I’m in love I’m always crazy, so… ah well… this one is just different.

And I think I’ll just talk about him in the next next next post.


  1. it looks so cute! it's funny how we all grow up...


    New guys, how exciting!:) I love new guys :)

  3. Awwww, you always make me smile with my reports of love. It makes me miss those days--the days of yearning, wishing, wondering, hoping. So exciting and so painful, too. Haha, enjoy your crazy days, Miss Tiara! They're one of the best things about being young. :P

  4. You cant leave us like that without any details!!!

  5. Your hair looks lovely!
    Guy? Tiara, how fun!

  6. hi im so happy yuore back! i cant wait to catch up on your posts!

  7. like you hair! Bangs are awesome!! Successfully swept you off your feet is pretty sweet too!!

  8. I love your hair! The bangs are very nice... they make you look sophisticated. :)

  9. Awwww cute. you are getting cuter and cuter each year. =)

  10. You are sooooo gorgeous. Such a flower!

    I want to hear all about Mister New Guy!

    And thanks for welcoming little Hiraldo to the family. He told me you are his favorite aunt ;)

  11. Aww, lady ... can't wait to hear about this new guy that has swept you off your feet :) And you are both pretty and adorable and ... seriously don't see any facial change, but that's good because when you're 40 you'll look 25, haha. Hope you have an amazing weekend <33333

  12. Your hair looks beautiful! I'm excited for you and your heart. Good luck! Yay :)

  13. so love your header! sweet haircut. oh my..crazy falling in love..well, don't drown..

  14. Yay for the new guy! Your hair looks great! Keep us updated about him, please and thank you!

  15. omg i just wrote this loooong comment and then blogger freaked out and wouldnt let me post it and then it VANISHED damn!!!!!!!!!

    helloooo tiaraaaa


    i am so so so glad you have a new boy. its always nice to start getting over someone who is just not right or right at that time, and find someone fresh and new. and i LOVE that you painted his room. so cute!!

    hahah yeah. i posted a lot. but tumblr is so easy, its like a scrap book blog thing

    ps i love your haircut.


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