Feb 17, 2010

What Happy Life is


My definition of happy life?

1. Straight when I came back from the village, it was the best friend who picked me up.

2. Having a good quality time with him, we went straight to a mall even with my messy make-up, hungry face and (almost) inappropriate outfit.

3. Japanese food with him, and frozen yoghurt after that.

4. Him being not whiny like he usually is-at all, bet he missed me. I was gone for a month after all :P

5. He was nice actually, and did some gentleman gestures like carrying my luggage around the mall, instead of letting me did it. Heh-heh. (Yes, I just couldn’t wait a second to even take a break before going to the mall, I missed it too much! LOL. or more likely, missed him?)

6. Blogging, showing off the goodies I experienced in the village here :P

7. Had a good sleep, under my thick thick bedcover and kicked it in the middle of the night and pulled it back when morning comes.

8. Ramen, vodka and Pringles with my friends the day after.

9. Planning to go for a Karaoke with them soon.

10. Realizing that there’s no hidden feeling whatsoever anymore between me and the best friend and that it’s time to find someone new-and thinking that I’ve actually found one.


Those are my series of happy life list. Care to show me yours? :)


  1. number 10 is super exciting!! That's awesome you went straight to the mall!! Have fun at Karaoke!!

  2. Oh I miss Karaoke so much, it's too expensive here. Glad you're happy with your life :)

  3. i love happy lists :) and ramen!!

  4. it's the simple things in life right? karaoke, ramen, and quality time. hehe!

  5. This list sounds like you are typing it with a bg smile on your face. I am happy that you are happy! That's on my happy list for today :)

  6. Not ready to show my own but love your every list. Japanese food and frozen yoghurt! What a nice combination!

  7. I would love to join you on #8 and #9 haha. As a Polish girl, I'm into vodka, and as a girl with many Asian friends, I <3 karaoke haha. Love this happy list! And don't worry, I'll be answering your "what is love" question next week! Have an amazing weekend!! :) *hugs*

  8. Ahhh! Karaoke sounds like fun!
    My list includes good books, music, a cool mojito and a very cute boy to share it all with.

    Thanks for stopping by my made me smile!

  9. <3 There are what a teen girl should do! <3<3<3

  10. I wanted to answer what you commented on my last post here:

    Thanks! You would not believe all the things that people believe if they want to donate their organs and/or tissues. I have heard people say, "No, thanks because I heard that if I sign if something happens to me and I'm at the hospital, the doctor will let me die."

    There are just so many rumors that people believe that are just too ridiculous.

  11. Aww that's a cute list and makes me realise we should always remember the little things.
    Oh you asked why I don't look nervous at my wedding. I guess I hid it well and it's easy to be happy on the special day.
    I'm just happy with life in general :) x

  12. What a lovely list, you're so lucky to have such a good friend!

  13. Such lovely little happy thoughts these are! :) You are adorable. :P I've missed you!


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