Apr 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy Earth!

So I tried exporting the blog post I posted on wordpress when I was away from blogger few days ago


But I don't lose hope, I copy pasted them here, haha... I forgot one thing, though. I can't copy paste the comments, oh well... sucky, but whatever. If you find them with zero comments, which is so unlike my blog because I have stalkers and friends who always leave me a comment (yes I'm snobby like that, lol), that's because it is originally written in wordpress. Alright?

Moving on...

Happy earth day! Happy birthday mother eart, or shall I say Gaia (well, according to the Greek mythology that is), so to celebrate her birthday, let me draw a little about this lovely mother earth who is practically the mother of us all :)


  1. this is in the tops of my favs of your art. happy earth day!

  2. Happy Earth Day to you too! love the artwork!

  3. Lovely artwork. I hope you are going well. And happy Earth day to you. x

  4. o'ow I remember for ur artwork at the someone's wall :p

  5. Ahh, so sweet of you, and such a nice drawing of Mother Earth :) I remember the Final Fantasy games use 'Gaia' a lot haha. Hope you have a great weekend!! <3


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