Apr 30, 2010

Oh boys...

I think... my dad realized that I pretty much enjoy spending my time with le boy, and I think he couldn't help but jealous... I mean, I've always been his precious daddy's little girl, when I came home late, I'd called him to pick me up somewhere... 

but now when le boy appears, he takes me home and picks me up and spend lots of time out of the house with me... and now Daddy doesn't have to be bothered picking me up anywhere...

I can feel my Daddy is jealous.

But there's nothing I can do about that, no?

I think I should spend more time with him, but hey! It's him who's always busy... *sigh*

I don't want him to dislike le boy either, because well... he's very lovable and adorable and all that it'd be a hard work for anyone to not like him...

Anyway, me and le boy, we're in this confusing but enjoyable relationship... we spent a lot of time together, hang out to fun places, and cuddle, and hold hands and all those silly romantic stuff, and creates rumors that we're already together, while we're actually... I don't know... not really... lol.

He loves to play around and he had said it himself that he's not in the mood for any kind of romance-ship, So when he asked me to be his girl (for the nth time), I didn't know how to answer it, goddammit... I'd really love to shyly say "yes" but wouldn't that be embarrassing if he then said, "What? I was just joking!" that'd be doom!!!

So no, I didn't say anything although I've thought of nodding my head frantically with big smile on my face and/or screamed "YES" in my mind.

*sigh* this is the time of the many times you have to remind me to take things slow because well... I have a feeling this will be a long journey ahead.


  1. ok. i'll remind you :) take things slow...

    oh what the heck! just speed up. who cares!? life is too short to waste it, girl :)

  2. reading about you and le boy always makes me smile :) awwwwwww sweetness

  3. Awwh, 'le boy' -- so freaking cute, and I love how you take special care to remember your dad's feelings ... I wish I was a daddy's little girl :)

    And reading about the cuddling and the hand-holding, makes me smile and makes me so excited for you! Lady, you go as fast or as slow as you both feel is right - there isn't a set speed for all relationships, every couple is different, and I hope this one has less confusion and lots more butterflies and happy moments!

  4. love 'le boy'
    picture is awesome
    Daddy will always be there, that's the best thing about them!!

  5. I'm so behind your updates. Sorry! so a boy in the picture huh? *girly squeals*

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with Ejannz's statement!! :D

  7. As long as you are happy love, that is what counts. Do what makes you smile... love that he is "le boy" too cute.


    Hannah Katy

  8. Awww... so cute that your Daddio is jealous - that just means he loves you. And I love how you're calling him Le Boy. So cute.


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