May 3, 2010

Build me a house where we can sing and dance and cuddle all day

What’s so adorable about le boy, you ask? (No, I know none of you asked about him, I just want to show off…)

A: Architect


Never had I expected (neither did he) that he would enjoy learning about drawing, curves, sketch and much more of the technical stuffs even I don’t understand, it was actually me who (more or less) inspired him to choose architecture studies; and looking at him now, I knew he had made a very right decision, he enjoys doing it very much; add on loving every single things about it. 

I’ve always been wanting to be an architect, but then I turned the wheel to French literature, if you ask me why I did it, I don’t know, and honestly I feel quite bad about it, I mean… I know for sure I would never be able to love French (the language) more than I love repainting my room or making my dream house come true.

But now that I have him around, it heals the wound a little. We can talk about the good kind of house for hours (with his little bluffing that it would be our future house), what color it would be, at what kind of environment it would better be, and such…

Alright, I won’t bore you with architect-related talk, not everyone loves talking about it anyway.

B: Beatles, the


I think his John Lennon glasses explains it pretty much, although some people does recognize him as Harry Potter (lol, Seriously Rika, you’re not alone).

He sings random song at random times;  when we’re hanging out then he would sing “I wanna hold your haaaand…” or any other Beatles’ songs (yes he’s an avid fan—I don’t mind it at all, they’re such hotties…), or just any other random songs. when he sees a bicycle he’ll out of the blue hum, “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiikkeeeeee…” (I know I know it’s Queen’s song, it’s just that the most recent song he sang)

C: Cuddle

Another addicting thing about him is this cuddling hobby, it’s just too addicting I can’t wait to spend more moments with him just to have some unimportant talk and cuddling on his living room sofa.

I’ve never been one a touchy type before, he brought it up (lol), what can I say about this? Nothing, I just know that I love doing it…

D. Dance

As much as he loves to sing, he dances when he sings. Not that kind of impressive dancing that will make you clap and suggest him to join a dance competition, no, his kind of dance is the cute geeky dance with smile all over his face and weird movement that will make you want to squish him and pack him in your bag and take him home so you can watch him dance whenever you want.

At least that’s what happened to me.

Wait, even when he walks, he dances. I’m not kidding about this, really. He bounces up and down that his hair flouncing on his head, he makes me want to dance too. haha.

I’m quite impressed I can make this ABC list! Haha…

Anyway, Nikolett tagged me on a Q&A game, will do it soon, my brain is not functioning right now, haha… remind me, okay?


  1. what a great list. i love that first photo. i want to paint my future home a very bright color!

  2. this is the boy who wears the harry potter glasses right?? =P

  3. mushyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :p

    I love it!

  4. Little Tiara, you're in love! I'm so happy for you. I have to read the other posts. I haven't blogged for so long.

  5. Oh, love is the best!!!

    love the house pictures

  6. Lol you really seem into this guy. Writing ABC's about him. Well I hope it all goes well for you and you are happy together :)


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