May 25, 2010

what to do?

a little about me and le boy; he's my bestfriend's ex.

Things getting more complicated when he got all so serious when my friend/his ex is involved. Well, she cheated on him so he's like... Say it, dislike her, or maybe is still angry.

Today, for the nth time, we got into a fight regarding this friend, maybe i'm the one in the wrong side...

All in all, i just want to ask, what do you do when you and your partner is in fight? How to make all things normal again? Just wait for them to calm down? Text them saying sorry? Or what? Grr...


  1. Oh, sorry about that. You don't want to hear your boyfriend talk ill of your girl friend, do you? Don't you think time will give you both to meet and talk again? Hope you won't be alone too long. Just a comment from a friend of your mother's age :o

  2. Awts, that's a bit tricky situation.. Hmm when a boyfriend and I fight, I just wait for both of us to calm down a little. Usually it takes just a couple of hours for me heh, but it still depends on the gravity of the fight. No matter who's in the wrong, I make sure we don't stay angry at each other for more than a day :)

  3. try to look sad and cute lolll thats what i do

  4. Oh no. Sorry to hear this!

    When Brian and I fight, we always resolve it right then and there. We never let it fester, so our fights only last about 10 minutes max. The best advice I can give is to put yourself in the other person's shoes and try to see things from their perspective. We are all different and have different thought-processes and personalities, so always try to think about the other person's perspective.

    But on the other hand, there are times when your partner will be wrong, and at those times you need to tell them how you feel and why you feel it.

  5. i would wait for both sides to calm down and then talk again


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